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An Institute-Wide Festival of Learning

Sanjay Sarma

MIT’s sustained commitment to teaching and learning is widely recognized. Combined with its pioneering role in fostering educational innovation, MIT is transforming instructional practices both within the Institute as well as nationally and globally.

Part of MIT’s strength is the diversity of activities in this area: not only those that directly impact students and classroom instruction, but also research-based initiatives focused on fundamental pedagogical change. To bring these endeavors to the next level, the Office of Digital Learning (ODL) is gathering together an Institute-wide event to highlight the exciting work underway in these areas. Closely collaborating with the Teaching and Learning Lab, as well as working with co-sponsors DUE (Dean of Undergraduate Education) and ODGE (Office of the Dean of Graduate Education), ODL will engage the broader MIT community to celebrate and explore education innovation, as well as to provide a forum for knowledge transfer and idea generation.


The Festival of Learning will include a roster of activities targeted to specific groups such as peer-to-peer lightning round teaching sessions featuring MIT faculty innovators; a “learning/think/hack-a-thon” challenging students to create tools that address and solve major problems in online instruction; an Innovation Fair that engages the broader spectrum of individuals, departments, and initiatives in this area, as well as other events for faculty, students, and the MIT community as a whole.
Taking place over two days towards the end of IAP (February 1st & 2nd) the Festival will demonstrate the catalyzing power behind initiatives which are transforming the way we look at education and revolutionizing the way we teach and learn.

For an evolving overview of activities, program agenda, and events during the Festival, please visit:

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