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2.S972 Spring 2016

Music and Learning Devices

Special seminar offered jointly with Berklee College of Music
(Berklee students should register for ICE-P455)
Fridays, 2pm to 4pm
6 units (2-0-4)

Instructor: Ken Zolot, in collaboration with Berklee’s Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship

Learning to play a musical instrument (or learning about music) is an undertaking that touches special parts of the brain and soul. Startups are building new tablets, apps, innovative musical instruments, wearables, biometric sensors, games, and virtual reality platforms that help people learn. In this special seminar, students from MIT and Berklee College of Music will explore the current landscape of learning science and music education. Students will design and prototype new devices, apps, or other creations that will help people learn to make music with greater ease, freedom, proficiency, and fun. We'll also generalize to address broad topics in learning science, as we explore the question of whether a student’s music learning style is indicative of how that student can more effectively learn non-musical subjects. We'll partner with prominent startups and music technology companies who will provide tools and challenges to the class, and we'll provide opportunities for motivated students to extend their projects into a summer launch program. Seminar will include numerous special guest lectures. Limited enrollment, by permission of instructor. Please indicate your interest by completing our brief survey here:

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