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Crossover Electronics

The crossover is a multi-output filter that is meant to send signal energy to the appropriate driver based on frequency. The crossovers included with the kit were very simple. The subwoofer filter was a 6dB/oct. low-pass filter comprised of one air core inductor. The midrange filter was a 6dB/oct. band-pass filter with one inductor and one capacitor. The tweeter filter was a straight wire, as no filter was necessary for the piezos.

Because the crossovers were so simple, they were forgiving on the very disparate placement of the drivers on each pyramid. It also reduced electrical losses in the crossover itself, although this was probably wiped out by sending out of band signals to the wrong driver. No other networks were included.

One minor complication was that I had used two sets of drivers in each pyramid. The solution was to install two crossvers and two sets of terminals in each pyramid as well. The input terminals could then be wired in series or parallel for the connection to the amplifier.