A Global Strategy for MIT

Appendix 2: Overview of large MIT institution-building programs

Major Programs

MIT & Masdar Institute Cooperative Program ("Masdar")

Objectives: Provide advice and guidance in the establishment of Masdar Institute, and collaborative research focusing on energy, sustainability, water, food, health, and innovation.
Duration: I: 2006-2013; II: 2011-2017

MIT Portugal Program ("Portugal")

Objectives: Collaborate with Portuguese institutions to strengthen the scientific capacity of Portugal, including establishment of graduate education and research consortia, extensive innovative and entrepreneurial programs, visitor program, research seed funds and collaborations.
Duration: I: 2006-2012; II: 2013-2018

MIT Skoltech Program ("Skoltech")

Objectives: Multi-faceted institution building collaboration with the Russian Government to establish a new graduate research university outside Moscow "focused on discovery and innovation in science and technology for social betterment."
Duration: I: 2011-2016; II: 2016-2019

Singapore-MIT Alliance 1 and 2 ("SMA 1 & 2")

Objectives: Education and research collaboration among MIT, National University of Singapore, and Nanyang Technological University. Offer graduate education programs.
Duration: I: 1999-2005; II: 2005-2016

Singapore-MIT Alliance for Research and Technology ("SMART")

Objectives: MIT's first research center outside of the US. The research center serves as an intellectual hub for research, scholarship, entrepreneurship, and postgraduate/spanostdoctoral training, as well as engages researchers from universities, research institutes, and industries in Singapore and Asia to facilitate technology transfer for the benefit of the public.
Duration: 2007-2021

MIT-SUTD Collaboration ("SUTD")

Objectives: Assist the set up of Singapore University of Technology and Design (undergraduate) and establish the Singapore-MIT International Design Center. Conduct research activities for the educational and research objective of the university.
Duration: 2010-2017 (Education); 2010-2020 (Intl Design Center)

Faculty Participation in Major Programs

  • 438 individual faculty participated in at least one of the six major programs surveyed
  • 37% (161) of the 438 participated in two or more programs

Faculty Participation in Major Programs

Cumulative Participation by Program through December 2015

Masdar 10 133
Portugal 10 79
Skoltech 4 171
SMA 1 & 2 17 60
SMART 9 67
SUTD 6 163

Faculty Participation in Major Programs by School

Faculty Participation in Major Programs by School

Percentage of School Faculty Involved in Major Programs

Approximate percentage of faculty from each school that participated in one or more programs through December 2015

Percentage of School Faculty Involved in Major Programs

The percentages are calculated using AY15 faculty count as the basis.