A Global Strategy for MIT


This section describes several new international initiatives in support of the goals and consistent with the principles outlined above. The objective of these recommendations is to create a more robust and durable platform to support the international initiatives of individual faculty, while also establishing a principled framework for selecting and undertaking larger-scale activities to increase MIT’s impact in the world.

The actions recommended here are designed specifically for MIT, a university centered on scientific and technological progress and focused on achieving practical impact. We welcome parallel efforts by other universities to identify their own new paths to engaging with the world, tailored to their strengths. Together, we should work to strengthen the global community of universities, each of them distinctive but all of them steeped in the values of intellectual excellence, discovery, tolerance, and open-mindedness; all of them harnessing the energy, creativity, and courage of the world’s finest young minds; and all of them working together to address humankind’s most difficult challenges.

These recommendations for MIT are organized around three broad themes: