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Information and Bioinformatics Core (B) 



This Core is responsible for acquiring, storing and disseminating all Consortium related information (both raw and processed data). For this purpose Core B has developed the Consortium's web site and is constructing complex relational databases to integrate diverse data sets generated by the Scientific Cores and Participating Investigators of the Consortium as well as data sets from other public databases. In addition to acquiring and disseminating Consortium related information, Core B will develop bioinformatics tools for mining and prediction.

Specific Objectives 

  • Develop a powerful relational Central Database to store all the program information generated by the Scientific Cores and Participating Investigators . Develop web-based user interfaces to the Central Database for data entry and data access via simple queries.

  • Develop three specialized databases to integrate genomics, proteomics and glycomics-related information (both from the Consortium's Central database and other public databases) pertaining to Carbohydrate Binding Protein ( CBP database), Glycoenzymes ( Glycoenzyme database ) and Carbohydrates ( Carb Database).

  • Develop statistical analysis, data mining and other bioinformatics tools to construct predictive models based on the diverse data sets ranging from molecular level to the physiology associated with CBP-carbohydrate interactions.



Core B Team


  • Ram Sasisekharan (Core Coordinator)
  • Ada Ziolkowski (Core B Administrator)
  • Ganesh Venkataraman
  • Rahul Raman
  • Bioinformatics

  • Chipong Kwan - Specify requirements for Specialized Databases, specify user interface and search tool requirements for Central Database

  • Ishan Capila - Specify user interface requirements for Specialized Databases and the Central Database
  • Information Technology (IT)

  • Eric Berry - Web site/user interface development, software application development

  • Wei Lang - Database development, software development, testing

  • Subu Ramakrishnan - Web site operations, software development project plan, software development, support hiring and beta testing

  • Kannan Tharakaraman - Software Engineer

  • Maha Venkataraman - Support operations, support hiring, software development, data modeling/representation, search engines

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