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Scientific Cores: Major Roles, Results and Progress

The Consortium is made up of one Administrative and seven Scientific Cores. The Scientific Cores are generating key material resources, unique tools and novel program information, and providing technical capabilities that are required to achieve the Specific Aims of the Consortium. In addition, several Cores are conducting research to provide a platform of information for use by scientific investigators and the other Cores. A summary of the major roles of each Scientific Core, as well as of the results and progress achieved to date, is provided in the table below.

Major Roles and Results and Progress of the Scientific Cores
Scientific Core

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Major Roles
Results and Progress

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Information and Bioinformatics Core (B)
  • Create databases for all program information
  • Create special databases
Analytical Glycotechnology Core (C)
  • Profile glycan structures on mouse and human tissues
  • Perform carbohydrate structure analysis on GBP ligands and cell lines
Carbohydrate Synthesis/Protein Expression Core (D)
  • Produce library of carbohydrate compounds
  • Produce modified carbohydrates for design of glycoarray
  • Produce recombinant GBPs
Gene Microarray Core (E)
  • Design and produce Glyco-gene chip
  • Analyze mRNA samples from Participating Investigators for gene expression
  • Isolate RNA and analyze gene expression in mouse tissue
Mouse Transgenics Core (F)
  • Create new gene knockout mouse strains missing GBP or GT genes
  • Breed mice for distribution to Core G and Participating Investigators
Mouse Phenotype Core (G)
  • Conduct phenotype analysis on existing and new knockout mouse strains missing GBP or GT genes
Protein-Carbohydrate Interaction Core (H)
  • Analyze the carbohydrate specificity of GBPs
  • Develop glycan array format for high throughput screening of GBP specificity
Abbreviation:  GBP, glycan-binding protein

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