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Administrative Core (A)


This Core provides an administrative infrastructure that allows efficient communication between all Cores, Committees, and Participating Investigators of the project. Major roles of this Core are to provide administrative support to the Steering Committee and to assist in tracking the progress of each Scientific Core in achieving the program goals. This Core also arranges regular meetings of the Steering and Advisory Committees and the annual meeting for Participating Investigators, and works closely with the Information and Bioinformatics Core (B) to ensure that information from the Scientific Cores is collected and disseminated. In addition, the Administrative Core writes periodic reports and quarterly newsletters, and disseminates discoveries of the Consortium to the scientific community.

Specific Objectives
  • Update the Consortium website
  • Work with the Information and Bioinformatics Core (B) to disseminate program information
  • Produce an annual progress report for NIGMS and interim reports for the Steering and Advisory Committees
  • Write quarterly newsletters
  • Arrange meetings of the Steering Committee, Advisory Committee, and Participating Investigators
  • Act as an interface between Participating Investigators and the Steering Committee:
    • Accept Consortium membership applications for review by the Steering Committee
    • Accept applications for use of Resources from Participating Investigators or outside scientists for review by the Steering Committee
    • Communicate all policy decisions of the Steering Committee to Participating Investigators

Core A Team
  • Jim Paulson, Director and Principal Investigator
  • Anna Tran-Crie, Assistant Director
  • Jill Ferguson, Scientific Liaison and Technical Writer

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