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Core F: Mouse Transgenics Core

Scientfic Objective: Generate new mouse strains with deleted or altered genes that code for CBPs and glycosyltransferases. Generated mouse strains are provided to Mouse Phenotype Core (G) and breeding pairs are sent to Participating Investigators upon approval by Steering Committee

Operations involving Central Database:

  • Data entry (add new mouse and experimental methods for deriving that mouse)
  • Edit entry
  • Finalize data
  • Notify Core G if new mouse strain
  • Search and display data
  • Add mouse strains to online inventory (see Resources)

  • Core B is working with the Core Directors to finalize and implement the above operations and more. Please revisit this site soon to check out the new functions

    Data sets: Information on mouse (strain, litter number, genotype, etc), protocols and methods for generating the mouse

    Identifiers: The primary identifier for Core F data is Mouse ID. Other identifiers include Mouse Production ID, and Protocol ID

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