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Core G: Mouse Phenotpye Core

Scientific Objective: Phenotype mouse strains generated by Core F and other existing mouse strains contributed by Participating Investigators upon approval by the Steering Committee. The Mouse Phenotype Core Facility (Core G) measures more than 100 physiological parameters and responses among genetically altered mice and compares findings to those identically obtained from sibling control genotypes. Core G is divided into four Sub-Cores focused upon 1) Hematology, Chemistry, and Coagulation, 2) Immune Development and Function, 3) Histology and 4) Metabolism, Learning and Behavior.

Operations involving Central Database:

  • Data entry (each Sub-Core enters its experimental data, indicating mouse strains used)
  • Edit entry
  • Finalize data
  • Search and display data

  • Core B is working with the Core Directors to finalize and implement the above operations and more. Please revisit this site soon to check out the new functions.

    Data sets: Experimental methods and protocols for each Sub-Core, graphs, images, FACS pictures, Excel tables pertaining to the experimental results.

    Identifiers: The primary identifier for Core G data is the Mouse ID; other identifiers include the Mouse Subgroup Experiment ID and the Protocol ID.

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