April 2015 Eric and Jordan defend their PhD theses. Double congratulations!

April 2015 Sema is an MIT Graduate Woman of Excellence. Congratulations, Sema!

February 2015: Jayce's work on patterned ZnO nanowire arrays was highlighted by nanotechweb! Congratulations, Jayce!

October 2014: MIT SPECTRVM article about Silvija's work: Nanoscale Work Yields Big Results

May 2014: Xiang has been selected by the Microsystem Technology Laboratory for their MTL Doctoral Dissertation Seminar this year. Congratulations to Xiang! The MTL will host the seminar for Xiang's work on Wednesday, May 14th at noon.

May 2014: Xiang defends his PhD thesis. Huge congrats!

December 2013: Nanowires and graphene: Keys to low-cost, flexible solar cells: read about our work in the Energy Futures magazine!

December 2013: Silvija's profile has been published by the MIT news.

September 2013: Sam defends his PhD thesis. Huge congrats!

August 2013: The group's work on graphene-cathode-based hybrid photovolataics has recently been highlighted in the SPIE Newsroom.

May 2013: Silvija was the highlighted faculty member in the Materials Processing Center's August Newsletter. Congratulations Silvija! Sam's work was also highlighted in a separate article in the newsletter. Congratulations Sam!

July 2013: Sema won the first place award for Student Microscopist/Photographer in the ACCGE-19/OMVPE-16 Photo Contest sponsored by the Journal of Crystal Growth at the 19th American Conference on Crystal Growth and Epitaxy (ACCGE-19). Beautiful work, Sema!

May 2013: Jordan's outreach efforts are highlighted on NSF Science 360. Congratulations, Jordan!

November 2012: John is the recipient of Best Poster at the MRS Fall Meeting. Huge congratulations, John!

December 2012: MIT News publishes article about our graphene-nanowire solar cells.

June 2012: Matt is the recipient of the DMSE 2012 Best PhD Thesis Award. Huge congratulations, Matt!

May 2012: Silvija has been named the inaugural recepient of the Nano Letters Young Investigator Lectureship that honors the contributions of a young investigator who has made major impacts on the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology.

May 2012: Matt defends his PhD thesis. Huge congrats!

May 2012: A new twist on nanowires: MIT News publishesarticle about our work.

February 2012: Silvija has been promoted to Associate Professor, effective July 2012.

February 2012: Kamal Baloch joins the group as a postdoc. Benvenuti!

October 2011: Paul Rekemeyer and Jian Wei Jayce Cheng join the group. Bienvenido!

August 2011: Shen starts his new position as an Assistant Professor at the University of Kansas. Congratulations and all the best, Shen!

May 2011: Megan defends her PhD thesis. Huge congrats!

April 2011: Sung Keun receives MRS Graduate Student Award. Great job, Sung Keun!

April 2011: Sung Keun defends his PhD thesis. Huge congrats!

May 2010: Mike defends his PhD thesis as the first student graduating from the Gradecak group. Huge congrats!

April 2010: Eric receives NSF Fellowship. Excellent job!

Septemeber 2009: Xiang Zhou, Eric Jones, and Jordan Chesin join the group as graduate students. Dobrodosli!

Septemeber 2009: Shen Ren joins the group as a postdoc. Benvenuti!

April 2009: Sam receives NSF Fellowship. Terrific job!

January 2009: Sam Crawford joins the group. Wilkommen!

June 2008: Arthur Reading joins the Gradecak Group as a UROP for the summer. Bienvenue, Arthur!

June 2008: Sung-Keun Lim receives the Department of Materials Science and Engineering Best Paper Award for Second- or First- Year Student. Congratulations, Sung-Keun!

March 2008: Megan Brewster receives the NDSEG Graduate Fellowship. Congratulations, Megan!

February 2008: Chun-Hao Tseng joins the Gradecak Group for one year as a Visiting Graduate Student from National Cheng Kung University. Welcome, Chun-Hao!

February 2008: Professor Gradecak's brand new course "Imaging of Materials" begins for the Spring Semester.

January 2008: Matthew Smith joins the Gradecak Group. Welcome, Matt!

January 2008: Silvija receives the NSF-CAREER Award. Nice work!

January 2008: The Gradecak Group receives an MIT Energy Initiative Ignition Grant. Nice work!

July 2007: Silvija receives the 3M Innovation Award. Nice work!

June 2007: Megan Brewster receives the DMSE 1st-Year Graduate Student Exceptional Performance Award. Congratulations, Megan!