Nanotechnology, a scientific and technological discipline that takes advantage of new properties on the nanoscale, offers great promises for future applications. It explores unique properties of materials when their dimensions are comparable to the relevant correlation lengths, and requires innovative synthesis and fabrication methods.

Our interdisciplinary research program is based on synthesis of materials with confined dimensions – including two dimensional films, one dimensional nanowires/nanotubes, and zero dimensional nanocrystals – and their assembly into functional devices for applications in nanophotonics, nanoelectronics, and in energy harvesting and conversion. To address some of the key challenges in the field of nanomaterials, we combine a set of unique synthesis and characterization techniques with robust material models and device fabrication. Overall, our research can be described in terms of three interrelated research thrusts:

  • Growth of semiconductor nanowires and nanowire heterostructures with new structural, optical, magnetic, and electric properties.
  • Nanowire-based semiconductor quantum optics and novel nanophotonic applications.
  • Development of new experimental tools for synthesis and nanoscale characterization of nanostructured materials.  

Experimental techniques and methodologies that are being developed as a part of our research endeavor are generally applicable to any material system where interplay between nanostructure, properties, and performance becomes significant.



We would like to thank our research sponsors:

National Science Foundation


Department of Energy - Center for Excitonics

MIT Department of Materials Science and Engineering


MIT Center for Materials Science and Engineering


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