The Sawin Squad


Department of Chemical Engineering
Room 66-569
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307 USA

Telephone (617) 253-4570
Fax (617) 258-8224

Herbert H. Sawin

Ph.D.,University of California, Berkeley 1980
B.S., University of Iowa, 1973

Post-Doctoral Work with R.P. Merrill, 1980 Cornell University

Honors and Awards

Thinker Award presented by Tegal Corporation for "Innovative Characterization and Modeling of Plasma Etching Processes" (1987)

Professional Achievement Citation in Engineering, Iowa State University, Ames, IA (1994)

Fellow of the American Vacuum Society (2001)

Research Interests

  • directional plasma etching
  • dry wafer cleaning
  • kinetics
  • surface science
  • process modeling


MIT-5012, "Toroidal Electron Cyclotron Resonance Reactor," U.S. patent #5,061,838, Issued: 10/29/91, Invents: Lane, Sawin, & Smatlak.

MIT-5810, "Apparatus and method for real-time measurement of thin film layer thickness and changes thereof", U.S. patent #5,450,205, Issued 9/12/95, Invents: Connor, Dalton, Sacks & Sawin. (Japan: Ser.Num.500860/95, filed: 20-May-1994) (European Patent Convention: Ser.Num. 94919204.1, filed: 20-May-1994.) .

MIT-7343, “Vapor Phase Cleaning of Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals,” U.S. patent #6,107,166, Issued 8/22/2000, with FSI Inter., Chaska, MN, Invents: Butterbaugh,, Sawin, Zhang & Han.

MIT-7154,”Metals Removal Process,” U.S. patent issued, #6,083,413 on July 4, 2000, with FSI Inter. Chaska, MN, Invents: Sawin, Chang, Lawing, Xu & Zhang. (Patent Conv.Treaty: #PCT/US96/16731, filed 18-Oct-1996)(UK: #9807268.9, filed 18-Oct-1996).

MIT-7342, "UV/Halogen Metals Removal Process", U.S.patent #5,954,884, Issued Sept. 21,1999 with FSI Inter., Chaska, MN, Invents: Lawing, Fayfield, Sawin & Chang. (Pat.Conv.Treaty: PCT/US98/05142, filed 17-March-1997).

MIT-7735, “Monitor of Plasma Processes with Multivariate Statistical Analysis of Plasma Emission Spectra,” U.S. patent # 6,153,115, Issued: 11/28/00, Invents: M. Le, Smith, D. Boning & H. Sawin.

MIT-7190L “Method for the Growth of Teflon-like Films using Thermal CVD,” U.S. patent #5,888,591, Issued Mar. 30, 1999, Invents: K.Gleason, J. Limb, E. Gleason, H. Sawin & D. Edell.

MIT-7941, “HF Vapor Phase Wafer Cleaning and Oxide Etching,” U.S. patent #6,740,247, Issued May 25, 2004 , Invents: Han & Sawin.

“Chemical Vapor Deposition of Fluorocarbon Polymer Thin Films,” U.S. patent #6,156,435, Issued Dec. 5, 2000, Invents: K. Gleason, J. Limb, E. Gleason, H. Sawin, and D. Edell.

“Method and Apparatus for Micro-jet Enabled, Low Energy Ion Generation and Transport in Plasma Processing,” U.S. patent pending #0l-SM5-216, filed 7/13/01, Invents: A.K.Srivastava, P. Sakthievel and H.Sawin.

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