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Name Degree/Year Thesis Title
Bo Bai (Goldman Sachs & Co.) Ph.D. Physics 2006 An Experimental Study and Modeling of Transformer-Coupled Toroidal Plasma Processing of Materials [abstract]
Stacy A. Rasgon (McKinsey Co.) Ph.D. Chem. Engr. 2004 Origin, Evolution and Control of Sidewall Line Edge Roughness Transfer During Plasma Etching [abstract]
Ohseung Kwon (Hewlett Packard) Sc.D. Mat. Sci.. 2004 Surface Kinetics Modeling of Silicon Oxide Etching in Fluorcarbon Plasmas [abstract]
Weidong Jin (Goldman Sachs Co.) Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 2003 Study of Plasma-surface Kinetics and Feature Profile Simulation of Poly-silicon Etching in Cl2/HBr Plasma[abstract]
Frank L. Ross III (Novellus Syst. Inc.) Ph.D. Mat. Sci. 2003 Nano-cellular Microstructure Evolution in Ion-induced Chemical Vapor Deposition (II-CVD) of Copper[abstract]
Brian E. Goodlin (Texas Inst.) Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 2002 Multivariate Endpoint Detection of Plasma Etching Processes[abstract]
Steven A. Vitale (Texas Inst.) Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 2001 Characterization of Low Dielectric Constant Film Etching in High Density Halogen Plasmas[abstract]
Brett A. Cruden (NASA-Ames) Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 2000 Chemical Vapor Deposition of Fluorocarbon Films for Low Dielectric Constant Interlayer Dielectric Applications [abstract]
Heeyeop Chae (Prof. Sungkyunkwan U.) Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 2000 Plasma Chemical Kinetics of Silicon Dioxide Etching with Fluorocarbon Compounds [abstract]
Y-P. Han Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1999 HF Vapor Etching and Cleaning of Silicon Wafer Surfaces [abstract]
Arpan P. Mahorowala (IBM-Watson) Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1998 Feature Profile Evolution during the High Density Plasma Etching of Polysilicon
Jane Pei-chen Chang (Prof. UCLA) Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1997 Study of Plasma-Surface Kinetics and Simulation of Feature Profile Evolution in Chlorine Etching of Patterned Polysilicon
A. Scott Lawing (Rodel Inc.) Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1997 Gas-Phase Cleaning of Silicon Wafer Surfaces
Minh S. Le (Vitesse Corp.) M.S. Elec..Eng. 1997 Variation Reduction in Plasma Etching via Run-to-run Process Control and Endpoint Detection
Gilbert L. Huppert (Appl. Mater. Corp.) Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1996 Two-Dimensional Simulation of RF Glow Discharges
Vivek Mohindra (Dell Computer Corp.) Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1996 Characterization of Perfluorocompound Emission and Abatement Kinetics in Plasma Processes
Tony P. Chiang (Novellus Syst. Inc.) Ph.D. Mat.Sci. 1996 Surface Kinetic Study of Ion Induced Chemical Vapor Deposition of Copper
John C. Arnold (IBM-Watson) Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1995 Material Transport and Reaction Effects in Surface Topography Evolution During Plasma Etching
Gerald W. Gibson Jr. (IBM-Watson) Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1994 Radial Ion Transport in a Limited Axisymmetric ECR Plasma
Timothy J. Dalton (IBM-Watson) Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1994 Pattern Dependencies in the Plasma Etching of Polysilicon
David C. Gray Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1992 Beam Simulation Studies of Plasma-surface Interactions in Fluorocarbon Etching of Si and SiO2
Igor Tepermeister (Leybold Corp.) Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1992 Study of Plasma-polymer Surface Interactions in Fluorine and Oxygen Discharges
Joanne Liu (Cabot Corp.) Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1993 Scaling Relationships for Power Deposition and Ion Bombardment in RF Plasmas
Linda L.D.B. Kiss (Raychem Corp.) Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1991 Study of Plasma Chemical Kinetics by Modulated Power Relaxation
Jeffrey W. Butterbaugh (FSI Inter. Inc.) Ph.D. Chem. Eng. 1990 Characterization and Modeling of Silicon Dioxide Etching in Tetrafluoromethane RF Glow Discharges
Evangelos Gogolides (Greek Inst. of Microelect.) Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1990 Self-consistent Continuum Modeling of RF Glow Discharges
Subodh Kulkarni (3M Corp.) Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1989 Kinetics and Mechanisms of Disilane Decomposition on Silicon
Evangelos Gogolides (Greek Inst.of Microelect.) S.M. Chem.Eng. 1987 Characterization of n+ Polysilicon Etching in CCl4/He Discharges
Jeffrey P. Schwartz Sc.D.. Chem.Eng. 1987 The Kinetic Mechanism of Silicon Etching by Molecular Chlorine at Elevated Temperatures
Rebecca A. Rossen Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1987 A Molecular Beam Study of Ion-Enhanced Gas-Surface Kinetics: the Si/Cl2/Ar+ System
Albert D. Richards Sc.D. Chem. Eng. 1986 Characterization and Modeling of Polysilicon Etching in a Chlorine Plasma
Kenneth D. Allen Ph.D. Chem.Eng. 1986 Modeling of the Plasma Etching of Polysilicon with Chloro- and Bromo-Trifluoromethane Discharges
Brian E. Thompson Ph.D. Chem. Eng. 1986 Characterization and Modeling of Sulfur Hexafluoride RF Glow-Discharges for Etching Polysilicon
Linda E. Gouse Sc.D. Chem.Eng. 1983 Kinetics and Mechanism of the Oxidation of Carbon Monoxide over a Platinum Catalyst

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