Image and Meaning. Kresge Auditorium, MIT. Cambridge, MA. June 13-16, 2001.

Special Programs

Special Conversation: Images in Science That Have Changed the Way We See Ourselves

  • Roger Penrose
  • Susan Sontag
  • E.O. Wilson
  • Alan Lightman (moderator)

Science as Spectacle, Part 1: What works and what doesn't work when television and film try to explain science.

  • Evan Hadingham (organizer)

Science as Spectacle, Part 2: Hollywood special effects studios Digital Domain, Industrial Light and Magic, and Sony Imageworks show their technologies on how to present scientific information.

  • Greg Anderson
  • Doug Roble
  • John Anderson
  • Shari Malyn (organizer)

On-Stage Conversations and Workshop Program [Show all presenters]

Space Imaging, Medical Imaging, Photography

Microscopy Part 1: Historical Overview, Light Microscopy

Microscopy Part 2: STM, SEM, AFM

Architectural Rendering, GIS, Visualization/Simulation

Molecular Modeling, Visualization/Simulation, Graphical Displays of Numerical Data

Mathematical Graphics

The Power of the Image

Enhancement and Alteration

The Art of the Page

Scientific Journals

The Mass Media

The Internet and the Future of Science Communication

Science Museums and Science Centers