IM2.1 Regional Workshop at Sigma Xi Headquarters in Research Triangle Park, NC. June 2, 2006 A group at IM2.1 collaborates Martin explains what happens next A group at IM2.1 collaborates A group at IM2.1 collaborates IM2.1 Logo

IM2.1 Photos by Phil Marsosudiro and Dan Armendariz

IM2.2 Regional Workshop at Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, IL. September 7-8, 2006 IM2.2 participants meet before the workshop for a brief history and overview. A mess of photos, diagrams, and notes at IM2.2 Copying a projection at IM2.2 A group at IM2.2 collaborates IM2.2 Logo

IM2.2 Photos by Dan Armendariz