MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2014 Activities by Sponsor - Vineyard Christian Fellowship

SEEK: Explore faith in Jesus and connection with God

Adam Reynolds, Associate Chaplain

Enrollment: Advance sign-up helpful, not required
Sign-up by 01/08
Limited to 12 participants
Attendance: Attending all sessions strongly recommended
Prereq: Curiosity and an open mind!

Seek is a dinner discussion series offering an introduction to and exploration of faith in Jesus and connection with God. Seek is designed to be a non-preachynon-dogmatic and zero-pressure environment that includes an emphasis on the practical aspects of faith, ample opportunities to ask questions, and informal discussions with a consistent group of similarly curious people.

Sponsor(s): Vineyard Christian Fellowship
Contact: Adam Reynolds, 617-359-7457, ADAM1@MIT.EDU

Seek Sessions

Jan/06 Mon 07:00PM-09:00PM W20-027, Seek #1: Why Consider Faith in Jesus
Jan/08 Wed 07:00PM-09:00PM W20-027, Seek #2: What's So Important about Jesus?
Jan/13 Mon 07:00PM-09:00PM W20-027, Seek #3: How Can I Expect Prayer to Work?
Jan/15 Wed 07:00PM-09:00PM W20-027, Seek #4: How to Get the Best Stuff From the Bible?
Jan/20 Mon 07:00PM-09:00PM W20-027, Seek #5: Can I Expect God to Guide Me?
Jan/22 Wed 07:00PM-09:00PM W20-027, Seek #6: Why Friendships Are so Important
Jan/26 Sun 12:00PM-04:00PM TBD, Seek Holy Spirit Day
Jan/27 Mon 07:00PM-09:00PM W20-027, Seek #7: What about Evil?
Jan/29 Wed 07:00PM-09:00PM W20-027, Seek #8: On the Road to Your Impossibly Great Life

Dinner is provided at each session! Each evening will include a presentation on a relevant topic followed by open discussion. 

Location: Student Center Basement Meeting Room (by the elevators).

Sign up at:

Adam Reynolds - Associate Chaplain