MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2014

Hebrew for Beginners

Dalia Leibowitz

Enrollment: Walkins allowed first week until class fills.
Sign-up by 01/10
Attendance: Participants must attend 80% of classes

Description: This class is designed to teach basic Hebrew skills, and is appropriate for those with little or no knowledge of the language. After finishing this course, students will be able to:

A textbook is required beginning at the end of the first week of class. Hebrew from Scratch Part 1 can be purchased new at the Israel Book Shop in Brookline for approximately $40. For those who wish to order online, the ISBN is 965-350-112-7.

Walkins allowed during first week until class is full.

Sponsor(s): Hillel
Contact: Marissa Feinman, W11, 617-253-2982,

Hebrew For Beginners

Jan/06 Mon 06:30PM-07:30PM 8-205
Jan/07 Tue 06:30PM-07:30PM 8-205
Jan/08 Wed 06:30PM-07:30PM 8-205
Jan/09 Thu 06:30PM-07:30PM 8-205
Jan/13 Mon 06:30PM-07:30PM 8-205
Jan/14 Tue 06:30PM-07:30PM 8-205
Jan/15 Wed 06:30PM-07:30PM 8-205
Jan/16 Thu 06:30PM-07:30PM 8-205
Jan/21 Tue 06:30PM-07:30PM 8-205
Jan/22 Wed 06:30PM-07:30PM 8-205
Jan/23 Thu 06:30PM-07:30PM 8-205

The course will cover the aleph bet, reading and writing with vowels, a vocabulary including at least 100 words, and some basic conversation practice.     

Dalia Leibowitz