MIT: Independent Activities Period: IAP

IAP 2014

Change Ringing on Handbells

Dennis Wilson, Naomi Schurr, Elaine Hansen, Cally Perry

Jan/06 Mon 07:30PM-10:00PM 5-232
Jan/13 Mon 07:30PM-10:00PM 5-232
Jan/20 Mon 07:30PM-10:00PM 56-167
Jan/27 Mon 07:30PM-10:00PM 5-232

Enrollment: Unlimited: No advance sign-up
Attendance: Repeating event, particpants welcome at any session

An introduction to the traditional British way of ringing bells called change ringing. Because of the way the bells are hung in a church tower, we do not ring tunes on the bells. Instead, we ring permutations of the bell orders by following particular mathematical patterns. It's music! It's a realtime multiplayer orientation game! It's the most fun you'll ever have counting to eight!  Come give it a try. No previous musical experience necessary. All are welcome.

Sponsor(s): Guild of Bellringers
Contact: Dennis Wilson, 617 225-9646, DENNISW@MIT.EDU