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ISTAB: IS&T Student Technology Advisory Board

The IS&T Student Technology Advisory Board (ISTAB) is chartered by the Vice President for Information Systems & Technology to provide student input concerning the state of computing at MIT. Organizational and logistical support is currently provided by Oliver Thomas (with many thanks to Jon Reed for having supported and shepherded the group through its last few years of assembly).

ISTAB consists of 8-12 student members and 1-2 IS&T staff members, who meet every 2-4 weeks during the academic year. Student members hail from a variety of student government organizations, in addition to "at-large" members who represent no specific constituency. IS&T staff members act as facilitators and conveners to ensure a productive and focused discussion, and also facilitate communication between the Board and IS&T.

Topics addressed by ISTAB may include: communication between IS&T and the students, public computing spaces at MIT, IS&T services, site-licensed software, etc.

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