Lucas K. Wagner

Post-doctoral Research Scholar

Contact Information:

phone: 617-452-3120
Room: 13-4080

Research Interests:

The underlying theme of my research is the study of interacting and stochastic systems.  In the context of materials, I am particularly interested in materials such as amorphous silicon, where there is very high entropy, and how that extra phase space can affect the properties of the material.  I also study the interaction of electrons within a material primarily using quantum Monte Carlo(QMC)--a very accurate(but still approximate) way of treating the interactions between electrons explicitly.  I am the lead programmer of an open source general purpose QMC program qwalk (

Project research pages:

Amorphous Silicon Solar Cells

Morphology in Excitonic Solar Cells


Algorithm Development

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA 02139-4307