Jonathan Reed <>

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I work for MIT in the Information Services & Technology (IS&T) department. As a member of the Faculty & Student Experience (FSX) team, I coordinate the Athena computing environment, which is our campuswide Linux environment.

The Athena environment makes use of the Debathena project, a student initiative which is now a collaboration between IS&T and the Student Information Processing Board (SIPB). I also act as a liason between SIPB and IS&T as much as possible, and I contribute to the Debathena project.

I'm an alumnus of MIT (S.B. 2002), where I majored in Urban Studies & Planning, concentrating primarily in transportation systems and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). My undergraduate thesis is available.

Most people coming to this site are looking for my transit page (which includes the "Charlie on the MTA" page).

I also do a fair bit of traveling, and when I do, I take pictures, which are available on Flickr.