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The RSI webpage

Some study locations that are not in Maseeh.

We've put together some advice about how to write a scientific paper.
Here's a note taken from Paul Halmos' essay in `How to Write Mathematics' (American Mathematics Society, 1973) that appeared in The Mathematical Tourist blog.
We also have suggestions about how to give an effective talk, or an effective talk on the computer.
    These are based on Joe Gallian's Math Horizons article with advice on giving a good power point presentation
A note about creating effective graphics to display your data.
I have copied a list of commonly misused words for your perusal.
Ashley Reiter's "How to write a Mathematical Paper" is on-line thanks to Justin Bernold.

The Science of Scientific Writing from American Scientist.
Here are some articles from an On-line guide to scientific publication: Producing the manuscript, and Finishing touches.
Nature also has a guide to effective writing.
Don't make the mistakes listed at Science writing Pet Peeves.
Don't use so many colons.
Some thoughts and editorial notations that I commonly make.
Some Bibliography samples. The LaTeX code for these examples is also online.
The NIST Rules and Style Conventions for Expressing Values of Quantities

Some plots of typical Boston summer weather

Mount Washington Summit Cam:

and weather conditions. Note that the daily high temperature is generally in the 50s (10C-15C), about 20-25 degress (11C-16C) below the temperature at the base.

On Wednesday, July 9, 2003 at 12:04PM the temperature at the summit was 43.8F with a wind of 26mph and wind chill of 35F. [View

On Friday, July 12, 2002, the temperature at the summit of Mount Washington was 51.9F with a windspeed of only 12 mph.
Mount Washington Summit Cam and weather conditions.
Here's a recent picture from the summit of Mount Washington The temperature was 49.6F and the wind only 32 mph for a balmy 27F wind-chill.
[View [View
[View (air temperatue 53F, with a wind of only 15mph!)
The current view may be found at
The RSI FAQ has lots of useful information.
I'm adding a few things to an information page of my own.