Postdoc Research

My research focuses on inexpensive, small-scale technology to convert methane gas to liquid hydrocarbon fuels. We are working on a way to make diesel, gasoline, jet-fuel or other high-value fuels from low-value or waste gases. One example is the gas coming out of an oil-well where you primarily want oil not gas. This technology could make natural gas production cleaner, safer and more profitable.

This technology can also alleviate poverty in low-income countries. Here, methane-containing waste gas from a landfill or agricultural waste can be converted to fuel for cookstoves, tractors, scooters and more.

Clean water, adequate food, heat and light in schools, hospitals and medical facilities. This all takes energy. I am getting paid to research cleaner, cheaper and more universal ways to meet those needs for billions of people in developed economies, and billions more in emerging economies.

What am I doing lately?

Setting up a research engine
Finding a way to safely dispose/destroy syngas from engine research
Writing up papers from my PhD research
Supervising three students working on experiments, techno-economic analysis and simulations of this project.
Last updated: 11 June 2013

What else am I doing?

Finding time for DIY electronics projects (like this) and updating my own homepage more than once a year.