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Continuum modeling from solids to fluids


Ken Kamrin and the students and postdocs of the Kamrin Group, in August 2014.   Visit the People link to learn more about the members of the group and their activities. Kamrin Group 2013

The Kamrin group is headed by Prof. Ken Kamrin in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at MIT.  Our research focuses broadly on continuum fluid and solid mechanics, with an emphasis on highly-deforming bulk materials. A particular area of interest is the mechanics of granular media, a complex material with a number geotechnical and industrial applications.  Continuum modeling, when applicable, can offer predictive power in a fraction of the time needed for full micro-level discrete simulation.  We aim to improve capabilities in the continuum by developing novel computational methods and constitutive relations. 

A significant motivational theme is to understand problems that combine fluid- and solid-like behaviors, either geometrically (as in fluid/structure interaction), or constitutively (as in elasto-viscoplastic modeling).  Broad areas of ongoing research include:  Constitutive modeling, simulation, and homogenization of amorphous materials;  Eulerian and meshless simulation methods for finite-deformation solid laws;  reduced-dimensional models for fluid or solid behaviors; mobility theory of flows over textured surfaces. See the tabs to the right for more details about our group.

News & Events

See the recent article in MIT News regarding our work on plunging objects through sand and other materials.

Maytee Chantharayukhonthorn is welcomed to the Kamrin Group!

Aaron Baumgarten is welcomed to the Kamrin Group!

Shashank Agarwal is welcomed to the Kamrin Group!

The paper "Intrusion Rheology in Grains and Other Flowable Materials," with Hesam Askari, has been accepted to Nature Materials.

The paper "Coupled Dynamics of Flow, Microstructure, and Conductivity in Sheared Suspensions," with Tyler Olsen, Ahmed Helal, and Gareth McKinley, has been accepted to Soft Matter.

The paper "Mechanistic Origin of the Ultrastrong Adhesion between Graphene and aSiO2: Beyond van der Waals," with Sandeep Lahiri and David Parks, has been accepted to ACS Nano.

Ken receives the Ruth and Joel Spira Teaching Award!

And best wishes to Ramin Ghelichi, as he heads off to Polytecnico di Milano to start his new job as an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

Best wishes to Hesam Askari, who is heading off to University of Rochester to work as an Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

Ken is to receive the 2016 Journal of Applied Mechanics Award! The award is in recognition of the paper "Eulerian Method for Multiphase Interactions of Soft Solid Bodies in Fluids," which was co-authored by former MS student Boris Valkov and Professor Chris H. Rycroft from Harvard.

The paper "On the Finite-Element Implementation of the Nonlocal Granular Rheology," with David Henann is accepted to International Journal of Numerical Methods in Engineering.

Kamrin Group UROP David Carrington Motley is profiled by MIT News!

Congratulations to Tyler Olsen on the completion of his MS degree!

The paper "Modeling Growth Paths of Interacting Crack Pairs in Elastic Media," with Ramin Ghelichi, is accepted to Soft Matter.

The paper "Continuum Modeling and Simulation of Granular Flows Through Their Many Phases," with Sachith Dunatunga, is accepted to Journal of Fluid Mechanics.

James Slonaker is welcomed as a new grad student in the Kamrin Group!

The paper "Modeling Tensorial Conductivity of Particle Suspension Networks," with Tyler Olsen, is accepted to Soft Matter.

Ken receives the Eshelby Mechanics Award for Young Faculty!

The paper "Eulerian Method for Multiphase Interactions of Soft Solid Bodies in Fluids," with Boris Valkov and Chris Rycroft, is accepted for publication in Journal of Applied Mechanics.

Our work on secondary granular rheology is covered by MIT News.

The paper "Symmetry Relations in Viscoplastic Drag Laws," with Joe Goddard, is accepted to Proceedings of the Royal Society A.

Qiong Zhang is welcomed to the Kamrin Group!

The paper "Nonlocal Modeling of Granular Flows Down Inclines " with David Henann, is accepted to Soft Matter .

The paper "Two-Temperature Continuum Thermomechanics of Deforming Amorphous Solids," with Eran Bouchbinder, is accepted to Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids.

The paper "Continuum Modelling of Secondary Rheology in Dense Granular Materials," with David Henann, is accepted to Physical Review Letters.

Chen-Hung Wu is welcomed to the Kamrin Group!

The international conference Modeling Granular Media Across Scales is one month away.  The conference, to be held in Montpellier, France, is jointly organized by MIT (Prof Kamrin) and the Midi Group of French researchers.  Please contact Ken if you have questions.  See you in France!

We are happy to welcome Hesam Askari to the Kamrin Group!

Come to the New England Granular Materials Worskshop on June 6.

Congratulations to Sachith Dunatunga on passing his qualifying exam!

The paper "Continuum Thermomechanics of the Nonlocal Granular Rheology" with David Henann is accepted to the International Journal of Plasticity.

The paper "Effect of Particle Surface Friction on Nonlocal Constitutive Behavior of Flowing Granular Media" with Georg Koval is accepted to the inaugural edition of Journal of Computational Particle Mechanics.

Congratulations to Boris Valkov on the completion of his MS!

Come to our focus session "Continuum Descriptions of Discrete Media" at the upcoming APS March Meeting in Denver.

Undergraduate researcher D. Carrington Motley is welcomed to the Kamrin Group!

Congratulations to Sachith Dunatunga on the completion of his MS!!

The paper, "Small-amplitude acoustics in bulk granular media," with David Henann, John Valenza, and David Johnson, is accepted to Phys Rev E.  It is featured in the October PRE Kaleidoscope of Images.

Come to the 4th installment of the NEW.Mech workshop, to be held at Northeastern University on Oct 12.  NEW.Mech aims to bring together the New England Mechanics community with an interest in exploring new directions on the mechanics of materials and structures and share the latest advancements in the field.

Graduate student Tyler Olsen and undergraduate James Slonaker are welcomed to the Kamrin Group!

Our work on granular flow modeling is featured as the July 2013 topic of the iMechanica Journal Club.

Congratulations David Henann!!!  David Henann (postdoc in the Kamrin Group) accepts an offer to become Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Brown University.

Prof Kamrin and Reis' program i2.002, which mixes new online multimedia tools into residential education, receives the MIT Spotlight. Read the press release and coverage in Education News.

Come to our session Continuum Descriptions of Discrete Materials at the APS March Meeting in Baltimore.

The paper "A Predictive, Size-Dependent Continuum Model for Dense Granular Flows," with David Henann, is accepted to PNAS.
Read the press release by MIT news about this work.

Ken wins an NSF CAREER Award!

The paper "Some Exact Properties of the Effective Slip Over Surfaces with Hydrophobic Patternings" is accepted as a letter to Phys. Fluids.

See you at the ASME Congress in Houston! Come by our sessions on Amorphous Solids.

Come to the 3rd annual NEW.Mech Workshop being help this year at Brown University on November 3! This workshop is aimed to bring together the New England mechanics community to disseminate results and discuss ongoing reasearch. Registration is free!

Boris Valkov joins the Kamrin Group.

The paper Reference Map Technique for Finite-Strain Elasticity and Fluid-Solid Interaction is accepted to J. Mech. Phys. Solids.

Dr. Zakia Sultana is welcomed to the group!

The paper Nonlocal Constitutive Relation for Steady Granular Flow, with Georg Koval, appears in Phys. Rev. LettRead the press release by MIT news about this work, and watch the educational video.   Also see coverage in Mechanical Engineering: The Magazine of ASME, Motion System Design, RedOrbit, and IndustryWeek.

Come to our session Continuum Descriptions of Discrete Materials at the APS March Meeting in Boston.

Professors Kamrin and Reis launch i2.002, MIT's first for-credit class to be offered concurrently online!

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