Kamrin Group
Continuum modeling from solids to fluids


Prof. Ken Kamrin

Principal Investigator
Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

   PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2008
   BS, University of California Berkeley, 2003

Bio / CV

Ken Kamrin

Xiaolin Wang

Research Scientist

   PhD, GeorgiaTech, 2014
   BS, Peking University, 2009

Research Emphasis: Computational method development for Eulerian simulation of many interacting fluid and solid phases.

Qiong Zhang

Graduate Student

   MS, MIT, 2017
   BS, Tsinghua University, 2014

Research Emphasis: Discrete and continuum modeling of particulate media. Identifying microscopic physics in continuum models. Modeling and discrete simulation of slurries.


Shashank Agarwal

Graduate Student

   MS, MIT, 2018
   BS, IIT Gandhinagar, 2014

Research Emphasis: Scaling in design optimization for locomotion in granular beds.

Maytee Chantharayukhonthorn

Graduate Student

   MS, MIT, 2019
   BS, University of Texas at Austin, 2016

Research Emphasis: Continuum/discrete hybridization methods for particle flow problems.

Seongmin Kim

Graduate Student

   BS, Seoul National University, 2015

Research Emphasis: Microscale physics and dynamics of nonlocal granular rheology.

Saviz Mowlavi

Graduate Student

   MS, EPFL, 2015
   BS, EPFL, 2012

Research Emphasis: Coupled hysteresis and nonlocality in granular constitutive modeling.  Non-standard Discrete Element Method development.

William Zunker

Graduate Student

   BS, University of Minnesota, 2021

Research Emphasis: Air-powder mixtures under compaction.



Past Members:

Dr. David L. Henann

Postdoctoral Associate
(Now Associate Prof at Brown University)

   PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2011
   BS, SUNY Binghampton, 2006

Research emphasis: Continuum-level descriptions of granular material behaviors from elasticity (and acoustics) to plastic flow.  Nonlocal granular flow modeling and computation.


Dr. Ramin Ghelichi

Postdoctoral Associate
(Now Assistant Prof at Politechnico di Milano)

   PhD, Politechnico di Milano, 2011
   MS, IUST Tehran, 2005
   BS, IUST Tehran, 2002

Research Emphasis: Theory and numerical modeling of partially-wetted granular media. Computational and theoretical mechanics of multi-crack systems.


Dr. Hesam Askari

Postdoctoral Associate
(Now Assistant Prof at University of Rochester)

   PhD, Washington State University, 2014
   MS, IUST Tehran, 2008
   BS, IUST Tehran, 2004

Research Emphasis:  Theory of mobility in granular media.


Dr. Patrick Mutabaruka

Postdoctoral Associate
(Now postdoc in MIT CEE)

   PhD, University of Montpellier II, 2013
   BS, University of Strasbourg, 2008

Research Emphasis: Numerical modeling of dense and dilute particulate slurry flows.


Dr. Eduardo Rojas

Postdoctoral Fellow
(Now Assistant Prof at University of Antofagasta, Chile)

   PhD, University of Chile, 2015
   BS, University of Concepcion, 2010

Research Emphasis: Discrete element simulation. Rheological modeling of granular media aided by numerical simulation.

Dr. Aaron Baumgarten

Graduate Student
(Now postdoc at Johns Hopkins)

  PhD, MIT, 2021
  MS, MIT, 2018
  BS, MIT, 2016

Research Emphasis: Continuum modeling and numerical simulation
of liquid-granular mixtures.

Dr. Tyler Olsen

Graduate Student
(Now researcher at Renaissance Technologies)

   PhD, MIT, 2018 
   MS, MIT, 2015
   BS, University of Michigan, 2013

Research Emphasis: Continuum modeling of dense slurries with applications to flowable battery technology. Optimization approaches in discrete particle simulation.


Dr. Chen-Hung Wu

Postdoctoral Associate
(Now software engineer at AirBnB)

   PhD, Courant Institute, NYU, 2014
   MS, Courant Institute, NYU, 2009
   BS, National Taiwan University, 2006

Research Emphasis: Advanced capabilities in Eulerian-frame modeling of many interacting phases.


Dr. Sachith Dunatunga

Graduate Student
(Now software engineer at Green Hills Software)

   PhD, MIT, 2017
   MS, MIT, 2014
   BS, Caltech, 2011

Research Emphasis: Computational mechanics with applications to large-scale dense granular flow simulation.


Amy Guyomard

Undergraduate Researcher
(Now grad student at Oxford)

   BS, MIT, 2013

Research Emphasis: Design optimization for wheeled locomotion through sandy terrains.


Stephen Townsend

Undergraduate Researcher

BS, MIT, 2018

Research Emphasis: Discrete particle simulations of locomotion. Connections to analytical modeling of granular mechanics.

Dr. Zakia Sultana

Postdoctoral Associate
(Now data scientist at IBM Watson)

   PhD, University of Toronto, 2012
   BS, Bangladesh University of Engineering & Technology, 1998

Research Emphasis: Computational fluid-structure interaction.  Method development and applications in the study of fretting wear in lightwater nuclear reactors.


James Slonaker

Graduate Student
(Now mechanical engineer at Oracle)

   MS, MIT 2016
   BS, MIT, 2015

Research Emphasis: Resistive Force Modeling in design optimization for locomotion in granular beds.


Boris Valkov

Graduate Student
(Now mechanical engineer at Schlumberger)

   MS, MIT, 2014
   BS, Arts et Métiers ParisTech, 2012

Research Emphasis: New method development for multi-phase and multi-physics computational continuum mechanics.


D. Carrington Motley

Undergraduate Researcher
(Now PhD student at Stanford)

   BS, MIT, 2016

Research Emphasis: Experimental development and testing of optimized designs for locomotion in granular beds.


Fidel Cano-Renteria

Undergraduate Researcher
(Now PhD student at Caltech)

   BS, MIT, 2020

Research Emphasis: Plastic creep modeling of Lithium metal battery components.


Nicholas Klugman

Undergraduate Researcher

Research Emphasis: Impact modeling of projectiles into granular media.

Pierre Six

Visiting Undergraduate Student, MIT-France Program
Ecole des Mines

Research emphasis: Analytical theory and computation of effective slip for viscous flows over nonuniformly hydrophobic surfaces.


Nagendra Rawat

Undergraduate Summer Research Student
IIT Roorkee

Research emphasis: Problems in computational fluid and solid mechanics, with a focus on Eulerian-frame simulation of fluid/structure interaction.



Eran Bouchbinder

Georg Koval

L. Mahadevan

J-C Nave

Chris Rycroft

Howard Stone

Karl Iagnemma

Joe Goddard