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There will only be a small number of subsets. However, quite a bit of information needs to be available about each subset:

Most of this information goes in a simple configuration file. This configuration file is flat ASCII, with the following format:

% Lines beginning with percent are comments
% (blank lines are ignored)

% Entries that start with a keyword, followed by a colon.  The
% remainder of the line is the value for that keyword.  Multi-line
% values are handled by starting successive lines with whitespace.

% The long name of the subset, for display purposes
subset: Subset Name
% The approximate size in Kbytes if copied to the local disk
localsize: 1500
% The approximate size in Kbytes required on the local disk if the
% subset is used remotely
remotesize: 50
% Any subsets that must be present before this subset can be used.
% They are in a comma separated list.
dependencies: kerberos, basic
% Where it can be installed
locations: local, fileserver, transient
% A version number for the subset.
version: 4

Subset version numbers are integers which increase each time the subset changes. Somewhere else we will keep a mapping of which subset versions are in a particular syspack release. What's missing from this configuration file is the synctree configuration and the install and remove shell scripts. These go in separate files.

Bruce R. Lewis
Mon May 19 16:07:01 EDT 1997