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MIT Linguistics: Department of Linguistics & Philosophy

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Graduate Program

MIT Linguistics Dissertations
1965 to present

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Foley, James, 6/65, Spanish Morphology

Fraser, Bruce, 6/65, An Examination of the Verb-Particle Construction in English

Hall, Barbara, 6/65, Subject and Object in Modern English

Kuroda, Sige-Yuki, 6/65, Generative Grammatical Studies in the Japanese Language

Langendoen, Terence, 6/65, Modern British Linguistics

Lightner, Theodore, 6/65, Segmental Phonology of Modern Standard Russian

Petrick, Stanley, 6/65, A Recognition Procedure for Transformational Grammars

McCawley, James, 6/65, Accentual System of Standard Japanese

Rosenbaum, Peter, 6/65, Grammar of English Predicate Complement Constructions

Schane, Sanford, 6/65, Phonological and Morphological Structure of French

Gruber, Jeffrey, 9/65, Studies in Lexical Relations

Kiparsky, Paul, 9/65, Phonological Change

Zwicky, Arnold, 9/65, Topics in Sanskrit Phonology


Lieberman, Philip, 2/66, Intonation, Perception, and Language


Harris, James, 9/67, Spanish Phonology

Bever, Thomas, 6/67, Leonard Bloomfield and the Phonology of the Menomini Language

Chapin, Paul, 9/67, On the Syntax of Word-Derivation in English

Fidelholtz, James, 9/67, Micmac Morphophonemics

Ross, John Robert, 9/67, Constraints on Variables in Syntax


Bedell, George, 6/68, Kokugaku Grammatical Theory

Dougherty, Ray C., 9/68 A Transformational Grammar of Coordinate Conjoined Structures

Naro, Anthony, 9/68, The History of Portuguese Passives and Impersonals

Perlmutter, David, 9/68, Deep and Surface Constraints in Syntax

Anderson, Stephen, 9/68, West Scandinavian Vowel Systems and the Ordering of Phonological Rules


Jackendoff, Ray S., 9/69, Some Rules of Semantic Interpretation for English

Kayne, Richard S., 9/69, The Transformational Cycle in French Syntax

Stanley, Richard, 9/69, The Phonology of the Navajo Verb

Woo, Nancy, 9/69, Prosody and Phonology


Geis, Michael, 2/70, Adverbial Subordinate Clauses in English

Brame, Michael, 6/70, Arabic Phonology: Implications for Phonological Theoryand Historical Semitic

Fodor, Janet Dean, 6/70, Linguistic Description of Opaque Contexts

Emonds, Joseph, 9/70, Root and Structure-Preserving Transformations

Kimball, John, 9/70, Categories of Meaning

Dell, François, 9/70, Les Règles Phonologiques Tardives et La Morphologie Derivationalle du Français. (Topics in French Phonologyand Derivational Morphology.)

Akmajian, Adrian, 9/70, Aspects of the Grammar of Focus in English


Culicover, Peter, 2/71, Syntactic and Semantic Investigations

Helke, Michael, 2/71, The Grammar of English Reflexives

Williams, George, 9/71, Networks of Anaphora: An Essay in the Syntax of Pronominalization

Caplan, David, 9/71, Probe Tests and Sentence Perception

Nakau, Minoru, 9/71, Sentential Complementation in Japanese

Fischer, Susan D., 9/71, The Acquisition of Verb-Particle and Dative Constructions


Howard, Irwin, 9/72, A Directional Theory of Rule Application in Phonology

Wasow, Thomas A., 6/72, Anaphoric Relations in English

Pope, Emily A., 6/72, Questions and Answers in English

Bresnan, Joan Wanda, 9/72, Theory of Complementation in English Syntax

Lasnik, Howard B., 9/72, Analyses of Negation in English

De Rijk, Rudolphus, 9/72, Studies in Basque Syntax: Relative Clauses

Selkirk, Elisabeth O., 9/72, The Phrase Phonology of English and French

Jenkins, Lyle, 9/72, Modality in English Syntax


Maling, Joan M., 2/73, The Theory of Classical Arabic Metrics

Bowers, John S., 2/73, Grammatical Relations

Permesly, Sylvia Schwartz, 2/73, Some Aspects of Presupposition in Generative Grammar

Platero, Paul, 6/73, A Study of the Navajo Relative Clause. (M.S.)

Liberman, Mark Y., 6/73, Some Observations on Semantic Scope

Erteschik, Nomi, 6/73 On the Nature of Island Constraints

Higgins, Francis R., 6/73, The Pseudo-Cleft Construction in English

Leben, William R., 9/73, Suprasegmental Phonology.


Wilson, Deirdre, 2/74, Presuppositions and Non-Truth-Conditional Semantics

Kornfeld, Judith R., 2/74, The Influence of Clause Structure on the Perceptual Analysis of Sentences

Vergnaud, Jean-Roger, 2/74, French Relative Clauses

Bordelois, Ivonne, 9/74, The Grammar of Spanish Causative Complements

Williams, Edwin S., 6/74, Rule Ordering in Syntax

Faraci, Robert A., 9/74, Aspects of the Grammar of Infinitives and For-Phrases

Aronoff, Mark H., 9/74, Word-Structure

Fiengo, Robert W., 9/74, Semantic Conditions on Surface Structure

Kroch, Anthony S., 9/74, The Semantics of Scope in English

Milsark, Gary L., 9/74, Existential Sentences in English

Siegel, Dorothy C., 9/74 Topics in English Morphology


Old Horn, Dale, 2/75, Some Complement Constructions of the Crow Indian Language. (M.S.)

Reed, George, 2/75, Dictionary of the Crow Language. (M.S.)

Andrews, Avery D., 6/75, Studies in the Syntax of Relative and Comparative Clauses

Kaufman, Ellen S., 6/75, Theoretical Responses to Navajo Questions

Kean, Mary-Louise, 6/75, The Theory of Markedness in Generative Grammar

Martin, Susan E., 6/75, Problems in Japanese Particles. (M.S.)

Rardin, Robert B., 9/75, Studies in Derivational Morphology

Haraguchi, Shosuke, 9/75, The Tone Pattern of Japanese: An Autosegmental Theory of Tonology

Liberman, Mark Y., 9/75, The Intonational System of English

Prince, Alan S., 9/75, The Phonology and Morphology of Tiberian Hebrew


Oehrle, Richard T., 2/76, The Grammatical Status of the English Dative Alternation

Bell, Sarah J., 6/76, Cebuano Subjects in Two Frameworks

Goldsmith, John A., 6/76, Autosegmental Phonology

Kim, Wha-Chun M., 6/76, The Theory of Anaphora in Korean Syntax

Sag, Ivan A., 9/76, Deletion and Logical Form.

Mascaro, Joan, 9/76, Catalan Phonology and the Phonological Cycle

Kahn, Daniel, 9/76, Syllable-Based Generalizations in English Phonology

Reinhart, Tanya, 9/76, The Syntactic Domain of Anaphora

Klokeid, Terry J., 9/76, Topics in Lardil Grammar


Woisetschlaeger, Erich Friedrich, 2/77, A Semantic Theory of the English Auxiliary System

Rivas, Alberto Mario, 8/77, A Theory of Clitics

May, Robert Carlen, 9/77, The Grammar of Quantification


Thiersch, Craig, 6/78, Topics in German Syntax

Jeanne, LaVerne M., 6/78, Aspects of Hopi Grammar

Platero, Paul M., 6/78, Missing Noun Phrases in Navajo

Rotenberg, Joel, 6/78, The Syntax of Phonology

Baltin, Mark Reuben, 9/78, Toward a Theory of Movement Rules


McCarthy, John Joseph, 6/79, Formal Problems in Semitic Phonology and Morphology

Ostler, Nicholas, 9/79, Case-Linking: A Theory of Case and Verb Diathesis,Applied to Classical Sanskrit

Carrier, Jill Louise, 9/79, The Interaction of Morphological and Phonological Rules in Tagalog: A Study in the Relationship Between Rule Components in Grammar


Yip, Moira Jean Winsland, 1/80, The Tonal Phonology of Chinese

George, Leland Maurice, 2/80, Analogical Generalization in Natural Language Syntax

Lieber, Rochelle, 5/80, On the Organization of the Lexicon

Farmer, Ann Kathleen, 5/80, On the Interaction of Morphology and Syntax

Nash, David, 5/80, Topics in Warlpiri Grammar

Hayes, Bruce, 5/80, A Metrical Theory of Stress Rules

Sjoblom, Todd, 5/80, Coordination

Jaeggli, Osvaldo A., 7/80, On Some Phonologically-Null Elements in Syntax

Linebarger, Marcia C., 7/80, The Grammar of Negative Polarity

Pierrehumbert, Janet B., 7/80, The Phonology and Phonetics of English Intonation


Otsu, Yukio, 6/81, Universal Grammar and Syntactic Development in Children: Toward a Theory of Syntactic Development

Borer, Hagit, 6/81, Parametric Variations in Clitic Constructions

Ingria, Robert, 6/81, Sentential Complementation in Modern Greek

Burzio, Luigi, 6/81, Intransitive Verbs and Italian Auxiliaries

Marantz, Alec Paul, 9/81, On the Nature of Grammatical Relations

Stowell, Timothy Angus, 9/81, Origins of Phrase Structure


Mohanan, Karuvannur Puthanveettil, 2/82, Lexical Phonology

Aoun, Joseph E., 2/82, The Formal Nature of Anaphoric Relations

Carlson, Lauri H., 2/82, Dialogue Games: An Approach to Discourse Analysis

Huang, James Cheng-Teh, 6/82, Logical Relations in Chinese and the Theory of Grammar

Zubizarreta, Maria-Luisa, 9/82, On the Relationship of the Lexicon to Syntax

Safir, Kenneth, 9/82, Syntactic Chains and the Definiteness Effect

Steriade, Donca, 9/82, Greek Prosodies and the Nature of Syllabification

Bouchard, Denis, 9/82, On the Content of Empty Categories

Pesetsky, David, 9/82, Paths and Categories

Neidle, Carol Jan, 9/82, The Role of Case in Russian Syntax


Pulleyblank, Douglas, 6/83, Tone in Lexical Phonology

Simpson, Jane, 6/83, Aspects of Warlpiri Morphology and Syntax

Pranka, Paula, 6/83, Syntax and Word Formation

Rothstein, Susan D., 9/83, The Syntactic Forms of Predication

Manzini, Maria Rita, 10/83, Restructuring and Reanalysis

Sportiche, Dominique, 10/83, Structural Invariance and Symmetry in Syntax

Wager, Janet, 10/83, Complementation in Moroccan Arabic


Rappaport, Malka, 2/84, Issues in the Phonology of Tiberian Hebrew

Falk, Yehuda Nahum, 6/84, Grammatical Configurations and Grammatical Relations

Fabb, Nigel Alexander John, 6/84, Syntactic Affixation

Archangeli, Diana Bennett, 6/84, Underspecification in Yawelmani Phonology and Morphology

Montalbetti, Mario, 9/84, After Binding: On the Interpretation of Pronouns

Travis, Lisa deMena, 9/84, Parameters and Effects of Word Order Variation

Poser, William John, 11/84, The Phonetics and Phonology of Tone and Intonation in Japanese


Shepard-Kegl, Judy Anne, 2/85, Locative Relations in American Sign Language Word Formation, Syntax and Discourse

Saito, Mamoru, 2/85, Some Asymmetries in Japanese and Their Theoretical Implications

Levin, Juliette, 6/85, A Metrical Theory of Syllabicity

Sproat, Richard, 9/85, On Deriving the Lexicon

Baker, Mark C., 9/85, Incorporation: A Theory of Grammatical Function Changing

Massam, Diane, 9/85, Case Theory and the Projection Principle


Haik, Isabelle, 2/86, The Syntax of Operators

Johnson, Kyle Brian, 2/86, A Case for Movement

Knecht, Laura E., 2/86, Subject and Object in Turkish

Levin, Lorraine, 2/86, Operations on Lexical Forms: On Accusative Rules in Germanic Languages

Fukui, Naoki, 6/86, A Theory of Category Projection and its Applications

Sagey, Elizabeth, 6/86, The Representation of Features and Relations in Non-Linear Phonology

Schein, Barry, 6/86, Event Logic and the Interpretation of Plurals

Speas, Margaret Jean, 6/86, Adjuctions and Projections in Syntax

Barss, Andrew, 8/86, Chains and Anaphoric Dependence: On Reconstruction and its Implications


Washington, Corey, 2/87, Discourse Interpretation and the Temporality of States and Events. (M.S.)

Rapoport, Tova Rebecca, 3/87, Copular, Nominal, and Small Clauses: A Study of Israeli Hebrew

Cole, Jennifer Sandra, 5/87, Planar Phonology and Morphology

Abney, Steven Paul, 5/87, The English Noun Phrase in its Sentential Aspect

Shlonsky, Ur, 8/87, Null and Displaced Subjects

Browning, Marguerite, 8/87, Null Operator Constructions

Tenny, Carol Lee, 8/87, Grammaticalizing Aspect and Affectedness

Lumsden, John Stewart, 8/87, Syntactic Features: Parametric Variation in the History of English


Weinberg, Amy Sara, 2/88, Locality Principles in Syntax and in Parsing

Choe, Hyon Sook, 2/88, Restructuring Parameters and Complex Predicates - A Transformational Approach

Calabrese, Andrea, 5/88, Towards a Theory of Phonological Alphabets

Rochette, Anne, 5/88, Semantic and Syntactic Aspects of Romance Sentential Complementation

Salamanca, Danilo, 6/88, Elementos De Gramatica Del Miskito

Young, Katherine McCreight, 9/88, Multiple Case Assignments

LeSourd, Philip Stanley, 9/88, Accent and Syllable Structure in Passamaquoddy

Kang, Myung-Yoon, 9/88, Topics in Korean Syntax: Phrase Structure, Variable Binding and Movement

Higgins, Ewa Czaykowska, 9/88, Investigations into Polish Morphology and Phonology

Trigo-Ferre, Rosario Lorenza, 9/88, The Phonological Derivation and Behavior of Nasal Glides


Ritter, Elizabeth, 2/89, A Case in Agreement: Hebrew Noun Phrases and Benoni Verb Phrases

Gorecka, Alicjia, 10/89, Phonology of Articulation

Sietsema, Brian Mark, 8/89, Metrical Dependencies in Tone Assignment

Deprez, Viviane M., 12/89, On the Typology of Syntactic Positions and the Nature of Chains: Move a(alpha) to the Specifier of Functional Projections


Li Yafei, 5/90, Conditions on X-Movement

Meredith, Scott, 5/90, Issues in the Phonology of Prominence

Bao, Zhiming, 6/90, On the Nature of Tone

Melvold, Janis Leanne, 6/90, The Stress System of Russian

Laka Mugarza, Miren Itziar, 8/90, Negation in Syntax: On the Nature of Functional Categories and Projections

Mahajan, Anoop Kumar, 9/90, The A/A-bar Distinction and Movement Theory

Kipka, Peter Francis, 9/90, Slavic Aspect and its Implications

Duanmu, San, 9/90, A Formal Study of Syllable, Tone, Stress and Domain in Chinese Languages


Saddy, James Douglas, 2/91, Investigations into Grammatical Knowledge

Kearns, Katherine Susan, 2/91, The Semantics of the English Progressive

Klipple, Elizabeth Mary, 6/91, The Aspectual Nature of Thematic Relations: Locative and Temporal Phrases in English and Chinese

Cheng, Lisa Lai Shen, 6/91, On the Typology of Wh-Questions

Bonet i Alsina, M. Eulalia, 9/91, Morphology After Syntax: Pronominal Clitics in Romance

Demirdache, Hamida K, 9/91, Resumptive Chains in Restrictive Relatives, Appositives and Dislocation Structures

Hoffman, Mika, 9/91, The Syntax of Argument-Structure-Changing Morphology

Iatridou, Sabine, 9/91, Topics in Conditionals

Lahiri, Utpal, 9/91, On Embedded Interrogatives and Predicates that Embed Them

Law, Paul S., 9/91, Effects of Head-Movement on Subjacency and Proper Government

Leder, Harry, 9/91, Tense and Temporal Order

Uziel, Sigal, 9/91, Resetting Universal Grammar Parameters: Evidence from Second Language Acquisition of Subjacency and the Empty Category Principle (M.S.)


Hegarty, Michael V., 2/92, Adjunct Extraction and Chain Configurations

Sloan, Kelly, 6/92, Syllables and Templates: Evidence from Southern Siberia Miwok

Branigan, Philip, 9/92, Subjects and Complementizers

Idsardi, William, 9/92, The Computation of Prosody

Kubo, Miori, 9/92, Japanese Syntactic Structures and their Constructional Meanings

Moltmann, Friederike, 9/92, Coordination and Comparatives

Murasugi, Kumiko, 9/92, Crossing and Nested Paths: NP Movement in Accusative and Ergative Languages

Noyer, Rolf, 9/92, Features, Positions, and Affixes in Autonomous Morphological Structure

Tancredi, Christopher, 9/92, Intonation Semantics


Tada, Hiroaki, 5/93, A/A-bar Partition in Derivation

Collins, Christopher, 9/93, Topics in Ewe Syntax

Jones, Douglas, 9/93, Binding as an Interface Condition: An Investigation of Hindi Scrambling

Oka, Toshifusa, 9/93, Minimalism in Syntactic Derivation

Watanabe, Akira, 9/93, Agr-based Case Theory and its Interaction with the A-bar System


Minkoff, Seth, 9/94, How Some So-called "Thematic Roles" That Select Animate Arguments are Generated, and How These Roles Inform Control

Tsai, Wei-Tien, 9/94, On Economizing the Theory of A-Bar Dependencies


Leszek, Andrea, 2/95, A Critical Study of Imperatives (S.M.)

Bobaljik, Jonathan D., 6/95, Morphosyntax: The Syntax of Verbal Inflection

Koizumi, Masatoshi, 6/95, Phrase Structure in Minimalist Syntax

Löfstedt, Ingvar P.M., 6/95, On the Swedish Pitch Accents (S.M.)

Barbosa, Maria Do Pilar, 9/95, Null Subjects

Carnie, Andrew, 9/95, Non-Verbal Predication and Head-Movement

Cresti, Diana, 9/95, Indefinite Topics

Harley, Heidi, 9/95, Subjects, Events and Licensing

Musan, Renate, 9/95, On the Temporal Interpretation of Noun Phrases

Truckenbrodt, Hubert, 9/95, Phonological Phrases: Their Relation to Syntax, Focus and Prominence


Ura, Hiroyuki, 2/96, Multiple Feature Checking: A Theory of Grammatical Function Splitting

Veraart, Fleur, 6/96,On the Distribution of Dutch Reflexives (S.M.)

Babyonyshev, Maria A., 9/96, Structural Connections in Syntax and Processing: Studies in Russian and Japanese.

Phillips, Colin, 9/96, Order and Structure


McKay, David, 2/97, Metrical Theory and English Verse (S.M.)

Schutze, Carson, 2/97, INFL in Child and Adult Language: Agreement, Case and Licensing

Sigler, Michele, 2/97, Specificity and Agreement in Standard Western Armenian

Pensalfini, Robert, 6/97, Jingulu Grammar, Dictionary, and Texts

Baek, Judy, 9/97, Verb Raising and A/A-bar Distinction: Evidence from Exceptional Case Marking

Percus, Orin, 9/97, Aspects of A

Richards, Norvin, 9/97, What Moves Where When in Which Language?


Fox, Daniel, 9/98, Economy and Semantic Interpretation - A study of scope and variable binding

Hagstrom, Paul, 9/98, Decomposing Questions

McGinnis, Martha, 9/98, Locality in A-Movement

Sauerland, Ulrich, 9/98, On the Making and Meaning of Chains

Soh, Hooi Ling, 9/98, Object Scrambling in Chinese

Wurmbrand, Susanne, 9/98, Infinitives


Sarma, Vaijayanthi, 2/99, Case, Agreement and Word Order: Issues in the Syntax and Acquisition of Tamil

Storto, Luciana, 2/99, Aspects of a Karitiana Grammmar

Boivin, Marie Claude, 6/99, Split Noun Phrases and the Theory of Case

Oltra Massuet, Maria Isabel, 6/99, On the Notion of "Theme Vowel": A New Approach to Catalan Verbal Morphology (S.M.)

Besana, Sveva, 9/99, Towards an Analysis of Turinese Italian Intonation and Theoretical Implications for Intonational Phonology (S.M.)

Green, Thomas, 9/99, A Lexicographic Study of Ulwa

Landau, Idan, 9/99, Elements of Control

Schlenker, Philippe, 9/99, Propositional Attitudes and Indexicality: A Cross-Categorial Approach


Little doe Fermino, Jessie, 6/00, An Introdoction to Wampanoag Grammar (S.M.)

Roberts, Taylor, 6/00, Clitics and Agreement

Côté, Marie-Hélène, 9/00, Consonant Cluster Phonotactics: A Perceptual Approach

Kang, Yoonjung, 9/00, The Phonectics and Phonology of Coronal Markedness and Unmarkedness

Mathur, Gaurav, 9/00, Verb Agreement as Alignment in Signed Languages

Nissenbaum, Jonathan, 9/00, Investigations of Covert Phrase Movement


Hackl, Martin, 2/01, Comparative Quantifier

Aguero Bautista, Calixto, 9/01, Cyclicity and the Scope of WH-Phrases

Bader, Christopher, 9/01, Givenness, Focus, and Prosody

Bruening, Benjamin, 9/01, Syntax at the Edge: Cross-Clausal Phenomena and the Syntax of Passamaquoddy

Kelepir, Meltem, 9/01, Topics in Turkish Syntax: Clausal Structure and Scope

Krause, Cornelia, 9/01, On Reduced Relatives with Genitive Subjects


Elbourne, Paul, 6/02, Situations and Individuals

Pylkkanen,Mariliina, 6/02, Introducing Arguments

Arregui-Urbina, 9/02, Focus on Basque Movements

Copley, Bridget, 9/02, The Semantics of the Future

Flagg, Elissa, 9/02, Interface Issues in the English Imperative

Ippolito, Michela, 9/02, The Time of Possibilities - Truth and Felicity of Subjunctive Conditionals

Legate, Julie, 9/02, Warlpiri: Theoretical Implications.

Lin, Vivian, 9/02, Coordination and Sharing at the Interfaces

Matushansky, Ora, 9/02, Movement of degree/degree of movement

Rackowski, Andrea, 9/02, The Structure of Tagalog: Specificity, Voice, and the Distribution of Arguments


Marvin, Tatjana, 2/03, Topics in the Stress and Syntax of Words

Cuervo, Maria Cristina, 6/03, Datives at Large

Harbour, Daniel, 6/03, Elements of Number Theory

Hsiao, Pai-Fang, 6/03, The Syntax and Processing of Relative Clauses in Mandarin Chinese

Guerzoni, Elena, 9/03, Why Even Ask? On the Pragmatics of Questions and the Semantics of Answers

Ishihara, Shinichiro, 9/03, Intonation and Interface Conditions

Li, Zhiqiang, 9/03, The Phonetics and Phonology of Tone Mapping in a Constraint-Based Approach


Norris, Rebecca, 2/04, Acquisition of the T and C system in Clausal Complements (S.M.)

Bissell Doggett, Teal, 9/04, All Things Being Unequal: Locality in Movement

Lee, Youngjoo, 9/04, The Syntax and Semantics of Focus Particles

Stockall, Linnaea, 9/04, Magentoencephalographic Investigations of Morphological Identity and Irregularity


Hiraiwa, Ken, 2/05, Dimensions of Symmetry in Syntax: Agreement and Clausal Architecture

Nevins, Andrew, 2/05, Conditions on (Dis)Harmony

Csirmaz, Aniko, 9/05, Semantics and Phonology in Syntax

Ferreira, Marcelo, 9/05, Event Quantification and Plurality

Gajewski, Jon, 9/05, Neg-Raising: Polarity and Presupposition

Ko, Heejeong, 9/05, Syntactic Edges and Linearization

Sabbagh, Joseph, 9/05, Non-Verbal Argument Structure:Evidence from Tagalog

Wagner, Michael, 9/05, Prosody and Recursion


Takahashi, Shoichi, 2/06, Decompositionality and Identity

Fitzpatrick, Justin, 6/06, The Syntactic and Semantic Roots of Floating Quantification

Hicks, Nitana, 6/06, A List of Initials and Finals in Wôpanâak

Adler, Alison, 9/06, Syntax and Discourse in the Acquisition of Adjunct Control

Anand, Pranav, 9/06, De De Se

Hacquard, Valentine, 9/06, Aspects of Modality

Nathan, Lance, 9/06, On the Interpretation of Concealed Questions


Gracanin Yuksek, Martina, 6/07, About Sharing

Kucerova, Ivona, 6/07, Syntax of Givenness

Abrusan, Marta, 9/07, Contradiction and Grammar: The Case of Weak Islands

Cable, Seth, 9/07, The Grammar of Q: Q-particles and the Nature of Wh-Fronting, as Revealed by the Wh-Questions of Tlingit

Hsieh, Feng-Fan, 9/07, Relational Correspondence in Tone Sandhi

Salanova, Andres, 9/07, Nominalizations and Aspect

Stephenson, Tamina, 9/07, Towards a Theory of Subjective Meaning

Walter, MaryAnn, 9/07, Repetition Avoidance in Human Language


Tapio, Sophia, 2/08, The Effects of Frequency and Composition on Production Duration in Morphological Processing (S.M.)

Wu, Hsiao-hung Iris, 6/08, Generalized Inversion and the Theory of Agree

Bachrach, Asaf, 9/08, Imaging Neural Correlates of Syntactic Complexity in Naturalistic Context

Hill, Joseph, 9/08, Syllabification and Syllable Weight in Ancient Greek Songs (S.M.)

Hulsey, Sarah, 9/08, Focus Sensitive Coordination

Katzir, Roni, 9/08, Structural Competition in Grammar

Katzir Cozier, Franz, 9/08, The Role of Perception in Phonotactic Constraints: Evidence from Trinidad English (S.M.)

Keshet, Ezra, 9/08, Good Intensions: Paving two Roads to a Theory of the DE re/De Dicto Distinction

Mills, Jillian, 9/08, Objects in the Pseudopassive (S.M.)

Singh, Rajvinder, 9/08, Modularity and Locality in Interpretation


Vaysman, Olga, 2/09, Segmental Alternations and Metrical Theory

McCallister, Tara, 6/09, The Articulatory Basis of Positional Asymmetries in Phonological Acquisition

Magri, Giorgio, 9/09, A Theory of Individual-Level Predicates Based on Blind Mandatory Implicatures. Constraint Promotion for Learning for Optimality Theory

Shimada, Junri, 9/09, Measurement That Transcends Time: A Lebesgue Integral Approach to Existential Sentences


Gallagher, Gillian, 6/10, The Perceptual Basis of Long-Distance Laryngeal Restrictions

Cho, Hyesun, 9/10, A Weighted-Constraint Model of F0 Movements

Coon, Jessica, 9/10, Complementation in Chol (Mayan): A Theory of Split Ergativity

Giavazzi, Maria, 9/10, The Phonetics of Metrical Prominence and Its Consequences on Segmental Phonology

Katz, Jonah, 9/10, Compression Effects, Perceptual Asymmetries, and the Grammar of Timing


Asarina, Alevtina, 9/11, Case in Uyghur and Beyond

Bjorkman, Bronwyn, 9/11, BE-ing Default: The Morphosyntax of Auxiliary Verbs

Crnic, Luka, 9/11, Getting even

Grosz, Patrick, 9/11, On the Grammar of Optative Constructions

Michaels, Jennifer, 9/11, Licensing Stop Place before Laterals: A Study of Acoustic Cues Relevant to the Perception of Stop-Lateral Sequences

Preminger, Omer, 9/11, Agreement as a Fallible Operation

Trinh, Tue, 9/11, Edges and Linearization - An Investigation into the Pronunciation of Chains


Graff, Peter, 9/12, Communicative Efficiency in the Lexicon

Halpert, Claire, 9/12, Argument Licensing and Agreement in Zulu

Hartman, Jeremy, 9/12, Varieties of Clausal Complementation

Patel-Grosz, Pritty, 9/12, (Anti-)Locality at the Interfaces

Shklovsky, Kirill, 9/12, Tseltal Clause Structure

Sudo, Yasutada, 9/12, On the Semantics of Phi Features on Pronouns

Thomas, Guillaume, 9/12, Temporal Implicatures


Do, Young Ah, 6/13, Biased Learning of Phonological Alternations

Al Khatib, Sam, 9/13, “Only” and Association with Negative Antonyms

Ivlieva, Natalia, 9/13, Scalar Implicatures and the Grammar of Plurality and Disjunction

Khanjian, Hrayr, 9/13, (Negative) Concord and Head Directionality in Western Armenian

Meyer, Marie-Christine, 9/13, Ignorance and Grammar

Yanovich, Igor, 9/13, Four Pieces for Modality, Context and Usage


Howard, Edwin, 2/14, Superlative degree clauses: Evidence from NPI licensing (S.M)

Nikolaeva, Liudmila, 2/14, The Secret Life of Pronouns

Nonato, Rafael, 2/14, Clause Chaining, Switch Reference and Coordination

Podobryaev, Alexander, 2/14, Persons, Imposters, and Monsters

Erlewine, Michael, 9/14, Movement Out of Focus

Brohan, Anthony, 9/14, Analytic Bias in Coocurrence Restrictions (S.M)

Imanishi, Yusuke, 9/14, Default Ergative

Jones, Patrick, 9/14, Tonal Interaction in Kinande: Cyclicity, Opacity, and Morphosyntactic Structure

Kotek, Hadas, 9/14, Composing Questions


Uegaki, Wataru, 6/15, Interpreting Questions under Attitudes

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