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Prof. Danny Breznitz (Georgia Institute of Technology), Research Affiliate

He is currently Assistant Professor at the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs and the School of Public Policy of Georgia Tech. He received his BA Summa Cum Laude from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and his PhD from MIT. He has been a fellow of the Social Science Research Council program on The Corporation as a Social Institution and an Alfred P. Sloan graduate fellow at MIT’s Industrial Performance Center, where he is also a research affiliate. In the past, he was a visiting research fellow at the Media Lab Europe of Dublin. Breznitz’s interests are in social change and comparative political economy, specifically around interactions of science, technology, public policy, and industrial growth and transformation. Accordingly his research focuses on three themes: (1) Rapid-Innovation-based industrialization, especially science and technology policies and the role of the state under the constraint of the global economy (3) State-society interactions and (3) Methodological issues regarding social structure and historical based social science research.

His work was published in Industrial and Corporate Change, Industry and Innovation, and a few chapters in edited volumes. He is in the midst of turning his dissertation into a book provisionally titled Innovation and the State – Development Strategies for High Technology Industries in a World of Fragmented Production. Breznitz’s current research project looks at the internationalization of R&D, specifically how policies in both home and host countries affect the strategies of MNCs and indigenous firms.


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