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Current research sites include 23 locations in the United States, Finland, Japan, the United Kingdom, and Norway. Additional research has been carried out in Ireland, India, Taiwan and Israel. At each location, teams of researchers from the partner institutions are studying innovation trajectories and developing comparative case studies of growth and transformation in specific industries, mature as well as new.

Current LIS Research Portfolio

Country Location Industry/technology
USA Rochester , NY Opto-electronics
USA Akron , OH , Advanced polymers
USA Allentown , PA Opto-electronics/steel
USA Boston , MA Bioinformatics
USA New Haven , CT Biotechnology
USA Charlotte , NC Motor sports (NASCAR)
USA Greenville-Spartanburg , SC Autos
USA Alfred-Corning Ceramics
USA Youngstown , OH Steel/autos
Finland Tampere Industrial machinery
Finland Turku Biotechnology
Finland Seinajoki Industrial automation
Finland Pori Industrial automation
Finland Helsinki Wireless
Finland Oulu Medical Instruments
UK Central Scotland Opto-electronics
UK Aberdeen Oil and gas
UK Cambridge Bioinformatics
Taiwan Taipei-Hsinchu Electronics
Taiwan Taipei-Hsinchu Software
Japan Hamamatsu Opto-electronics
Japan Kyoto Electronics
Norway Stavanger Oil and gas


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