The MIT Literary Society creates a comfortable atmosphere for undergraduates to freely discuss their book interests. We read one book every month and meet on Fridays twice a month to cover the entire book. The group votes on book selections, choosing from genres that range from the classics to contemporary works. All members get to lead a part of each discussion. Future events may include guest speakers from MIT’s faculty and viewings of movies based on books.

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by Chuck Palahniuk

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Friday, October 31, 2008
Read entire book.
Costume party!

Want a copy of our current book?

You can pick up a book from Jo Choi in 14N-407 Monday-Friday, 9-5pm. Please bring $2 in EXACT change to receive your own copy.

If you would like a book, but will not be available to pick it up during these times, please contact litsociety-exec.

Book/Attendance Policy

  1. Book dues: For the low cost of $2, members can receive a new book! Thanks to the Literature Section and Humanities Library, these books are provided for you at a great discounted price. Please note: Students are welcome to bring their own copy of the book to the meeting if they do not want to pay this cost.

  2. Members who pick up a book must attend at least half (1 out of 2) of the meetings based on that book.

  3. Members are not required to read every book. However, if a member decides not to read a selection, he/she must return the book. Of course, members are encouraged to join the group for future discussions on other works.
    Return policy: Books can be returned to 14N-407. Please try to return the book as soon as possible to give other students an opportunity to read the book in time for the meeting.

  4. Members who miss more than half of the meetings for TWO book selections will not be permitted to pick up any more books until the following semester.