We Wired the Classroom: Now What?

The We Wired the Classroom conference took place at MIT on February 3 and 4, 2001. The conference gathered teachers, professors, media professionals, researchers and writers to discuss the roles of new media in the development of educational materials.

Original We Wired the Classroom Site
The original site for the conference contains a conference description, agenda and list of speakers.
Keynote Speeches
The following speeches and presentations were given by the four keynote speakers:
  • Chris Dede - Next Generation "Virtual Environment" Technologies for Enhanced Learning (slides, audio)
  • Bonnie Bracey - Media Literacy (slides, audio)
  • Henry Jenkins - Teen Culture on the Web (audio, mp3)
  • Brian Smith - (Yet Another) Digital Divide: Research vs. Practice (audio, mp3)
Case Study
An analysis of the Butler Youth Leaders Community Service, Technology, and Research Program.

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