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What is MacZephyr?

MacZephyr is a Macintosh client for zephyr, a real-time messaging and notification protocol. Zephyr is used by MIT students, faculty, and staff for academic and personal communication with other zephyr users (including MacZephyr, zephyr on Athena, and WinZephyr).

It can be used at institutions other than MIT that have a zephyr infrastructure, but there must be a zephyr server already set up - MacZephyr is a client only and a zephyr server that runs on Mac OS is not available.

You must have an active network connection to use MacZephyr.

MacZephyr Downloads & Documentation

MacZephyr is now available in two versions: 1.5.4 for Mac OS X, or MacZephyr 1.3.4 for Mac OS 8.x and 9.x.

MacZephyr 1.5.4 for Mac OS X 10.2.x and later MacZephyr 1.3.4 for Mac OS 8.x and 9.x
MacZephyr Feedback

If you have a bug report or suggestion for MacZephyr, please send it to macdev@mit.edu .

Questions or comments? Send mail to macdev@mit.edu

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