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Availability Of RPC On the Macintosh

by Miro Jurisic

RPC (Remote Procedure Calling) is an Internet protocol for remote procedure calling between Internet hosts. The gory details are explained in RFCs 1050, 1057, 1831, and 1833; you might also want to have a look at XDR (eXternal Data Representation standard), RFCs 1014 and 1832.

Free RPC Implementations

Arachne toolkit, Decisions Systems Group

The Decision Systems Group of Harvard Medical School seems to maintain (or not... read on) a free source-available distribution of ONC RPC as a part of their Arachne toolkit.

As far as I can tell, the last time their code was updated was in late 94. It relies on two other packages that are part of the Arachne toolkit: SK, which seems to implement a platform-independent sockets API, and CU, which seems to implement, among other things, a platform-independent threads API.

The code in the RPC package seems to be stale in a big way; it would take a moderate effort to get it to compile under either Symantec or Metrowerks. The SK package appears to be broken (the demo app freezes).

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Commercial RPC Implementations


NobleNet seems to have a cross-platform RPC compiler toolkit. The information we got from them is: the SDK costs $5000. There is a one-time fee of $10000 for the right to distribute binaries developed with the toolkit. There are no royalties, and we could distribute the binaries created with the toolkit to other sites.

Currently, it looks like we will request an evaluation copy from NobleNet and investigate porting turnin to MacOS.

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