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Setting Up The Build Machine

This is sequence of steps I have performed to set up the build machine. If something bad happens, the same procedure should be followed to make sure that everything is installed and configured properly.

If you are trying to install everything onto the disk the machine is booting from, you will have to jump through some additional loops in order to partition the disk and install system on it. The instructions can be followed without modifications if

If you don't have all of this, the fastest way to deal is to get another bootable disk (maybe a Jaz cart?) with everything you need and start from there.

1. Before you start

2. Preparing your hard disk

Although it is possible to achieve essentially the same effect with different partitionings, this is what I used:

  1. system partition: 192 MB, "MacOS™ 8.0"
  2. development tools partition: 288 MB, "Development Tools"
  3. build tree partition: 432 MB, "Macdev 12"
  4. everything else partition: 96 MB, "Other"

These four add up almost 1 GB.

3. Installing software

The order of installations is important; it is especially important you install the system first and then boot from the new system, because some of the other installations will modify your system folder.

3.1 Installing system software

3.2 Installing MacsBug

3.3 Installing CodeWarrior

3.4 Installing ADSM

3.5 Installing Cron

3.6 Installing Norton Utilities

3.7 Installing Timbuktu

3.8 Installing Disinfectant

4. Getting a copy of the build tree

Right now, getting a copy of the build tree mainly means getting the right files from the right developers. In the future it will be done by checking out the whole tree from CVS. Stay tuned.

5. Configuring the software

5.1 Configuring the system

5.2 Configuring MacsBug

Do nothing

5.3 Configuring CodeWarrior

Do nothing

5.4 Configuring ADSM


5.5. Configuring Cron


5.6 Configuring Norton Utilities

Do nothing

5.7 Configuring Timbuktu

5.8 Installing Disinfectant

6. Last steps

7. Finishing touches (optional)

You should have a fully functional build machine now.

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