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Mac OS 7.6: A Quick Reference To Known Incompatibilities

This is intended to give a quick reference to known problems either with Mac OS 7.6, the Mac OS 7.6 Installer or using 3rd party software under 7.6. I hope this information will help support people get up to speed with the known issues before the greater MIT community receives the software.

I certainly would like this to be a comprehensive list of problems, I can only realistically include the show stoppers. I've also only added problems that have been solidly confirmed.

If you are a user of SAP on 680x0 Macintoshes, you should NOT install Mac OS 7.6 on your 680x0 based Macintosh.

In order to ease access to more timely information, here are links to other online resources:

Please remember that not everything on the non-Apple pages is an actual problem. Rely on only the confirmed problem reports.
  • Apple Tech Info Library articles on Mac OS 7.6
  • Apple's Mac OS Main Page
  • MacFixit's Troubleshooting Mac OS 7.6
  • Macintouch

  • Table of Contents

    Installer Mac OS 7.6 Bugs
  • PowerBooks with Passive Screens
  • Mac OS 7.6 and Third Party Software Conflicts
  • Speed Doubler
  • Toast 3.0.5 CD-R Authoring software
  • Adobe Premier
  • Corel WordPerfect
  • Norton Utilities
  • Mac OS 7.6 and Unsupported Hardware and Software
  • Unsupported Macintoshes
  • Unsupported System Software

  • Installer

    Mac OS 7.6 Bugs

    Mac OS 7.6 and Third Party Software Conflicts

    Mac OS 7.6 and Unsupported Hardware and Software

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