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Known Bugs in MIT Kerberos for Macintosh 2.0.2
Behavior OS Setup Hardware Workaround
Kerberos Manager's login button disappears. Mac OS 8.1 with system-wide grayscale appearance turned off. - Turn on system-wide grayscale appearance.
Kerberos tickets are not destroyed when a user logs out. Mac OS 9 and greater using Multi-User support. - Upgrade to the latest release.
If the Kerberos server is down or an invalid Kerberos server is specified, change password hangs. - - Upgrade to the latest release.
Running the MIT installer repeatedly generates multiple copies of MIT Kerberos Library and MIT Support Library in the extensions or application support folder (with .1, .2, ... extensions). - - Remove all copies of MIT Support Library and MIT Kerberos Library and run the installer once.

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