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Known Bugs in MIT Kerberos for Macintosh 3.0
Behavior Workaround
I have password policies in place in my KDC. KfM does not seem to display error messages based on those policy rejections. None. This bug will be fixed for the next release of KfM 3.x.
After waking my Macintosh from sleep, my Kerberos v5 tickets are listed as expired even though my Kerberos v4 tickets are valid. Reacquiring a new pair of tickets doesn't help. Quit all applications that use Kerberos v5 or GSS and then launch Kerberos Manager and reacquire new tickets. This should get you valid v5 tickets. The problem will be fixed in a later version of KfM.
Some Kerberos v5 applications such as BetterTelnet and KLPR which have support for earlier versions fail on launch trying to find a Kerberos library. This is because the Kerberos v5 library CFM version number changed. None. These applications will need to be rebuilt against the new libraries.
When I use K5Client mode with Eudora, the Mac crashes. There is a bug in KfM 3.0 which causes a crash when using K5Client and the Kerberos Login dialog is brought up automatically from Eudora. To work around the problem, first get your v5 ticket via Kerberos Manager before retrieving mail from Eudora.
Applications may run out of memory sooner or not run at all because of insufficient memory. Increase memory allocation by up to 250K. Kerberos for Macintosh 3.0 requires more memory than 2.5.1.
Applications with custom CDEFs which override the Appearance CDEF will cause the Login dialog to behave strangely (eg: Microsoft Word/Excel/PowerPoint). None. You must close the resource file that contains the custom CDEF before calling Kerberos functions which may display a dialog.
Trying to open AppleShare server with KClient UAM from the Chooser does nothing. Use the Network Browser.
Trying to open AppleShare server with KClient UAM from the Network Browser under Limited mode with Mac OS 9's Multiple Users does not succeed. Make an alias to that server configured to use the KClient UAM available to that user.

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