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Installing Kerberos for Macintosh on Mac OS X

These instructions apply only to Mac OS X 10.1. There is no need to install a full version of Kerberos for Macintosh on Mac OS X 10.2, because most components are already included with it. However, you may want to install the Mac OS X 10.2 Kerberos Extras.


To install Kerberos for Macintosh 4.0.3 on Mac OS X 10.1, use the provided "Kerberos for Mac OS X 4.0.3" installer.

When you run the installer, it may prompt you for "an administrator name and password." You should have set up an administrator password when you installed Mac OS X; it is most likely the one you entered into the installation wizard.

The installer will appear to quit and relaunch after you enter the administrator name and password. This is normal!

The Installer Log file is placed inside the /Library/Receipts directory.

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