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Kerberos framework

This documentation is somewhat out of date as of Mac OS X 10.2. While much of it still applies, there have been some changes to the APIs which may not be documented here.

About the Kerberos framework

The Kerberos framework is a Mach-O framework for Mac OS X. It provides the Kerberos v4 and v5 protocols, GSSAPI, KClient and related libraries for Kerberos ticket management. The library components are separated into subframeworks.

Using the Kerberos framework

To use the Kerberos framework, add Kerberos.framework to your project and include the Kerberos.h header file:

		#include <Kerberos/Kerberos.h>

If you have code which relies on UNIX-style header files, then you can use the following header files from /usr/include :

		#include <gssapi/gssapi.h>
		#include <krb5.h>
		#include <krb.h>
		#include <des.h>

If your code uses any other header files, you should contact and explain exactly which header files you need and what you need them for.

Component Documentation
ComErr.framework A framework implementing the com_err API.
CCache.framework An implementation of the Credentials Cache API v2 and v3.
DES.framework A DES and 3DES implementation.
GSS.framework A framework implementing the GSS API.
KClient.framework The KClient 3.0 implementation.
Kerberos4.framework The MIT Kerberos v4 implementation.
Kerberos5.framework The MIT Kerberos v5 implementation.
Profile.framework A framework used to obtain configuration information from the Kerberos Preferences file.
Login.framework A GUI interface for acquiring tickets and changing passwords.
Getting the Kerberos framework

The latest release of the Kerberos framework is included with Mac OS X 10.2. For Mac OS X 10.1, you should install the latest release of Kerberos for Macintosh 4.0.x, which you can download here.

Please read the Kerberos framework Version History for information on the latest release of Kerberos framework.

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