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What is DebuggingLib?

DebuggingLib is a CFM shared library which provides debugging services for libraries in Kerberos Support Library (as well as any code you might write). It provides the following features:

How do I use DebuggingLib?

When using DebuggingLib, we strongly recommend cloning each target in your project and creating separate debugging targets. First, you don't want assertions firing and popping up dialogs in your production code. Second, when you use DebuggingLib you need to turn off all optimizations and turn on SYM files. Separate targets will allow you to optimize your production code.

You must also define the macro MACDEV_DEBUG to 1 in your debugging targets and 0 in your non-debugging targets. This macro determines whether or not DebuggingLib functions do anything. Use separate prefix files for the debugging and non-debugging targets (prefix files can be set in the target preferences in CodeWarrior) to set the MACDEV_DEBUG macro.

Where do I get DebuggingLib?

The DebuggingLib SDK is part of Kerberos Support Library. You can get the latest release of the Kerberos Support Library here.

Please read the DebuggingLib Bugs List and Version History for information on the latest release of DebuggingLib.

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