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What is ErrorLib?

ErrorLib is a CFM shared library which replaces the functionality of UNIX errno inside Kerberos Support Library. It provides perror()-like functions to generate description strings for both Kerberos Support Library errors as well as Macintosh Toolbox errors. It also provides a mechanism for adding new errors and description strings at runtime. This functionality is currently used by Kerberos Library.

ErrorLib exists primarily because both Metrowerks Standard Library and Open Transport each provide their own errno. In order to avoid additional global variable collisions, ErrorLib instead provides two functions to set and get the current global errorcode.

Where is the API specification?

Please refer to the ErrorLib API for a list of the available functions and how to use them.

Where do I get ErrorLib?

The ErrorLib SDK is part of Kerberos Support Library. You can get the latest release of the Kerberos Support Library here.

Please read the ErrorLib Bugs List and Version History for information on the latest release of ErrorLib.

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