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What is IdleLib?

IdleLib is a CFM shared library which provides idling behavior for the Sockets and Hesiod Libraries inside the Kerberos Support Library.

In single threaded mode, the Idle Library calls WaitNextEvent() to provide time to the rest of the system. It also calls a series of event handlers until one of them handles the event. You can install and deinstall event handlers as well as make them active and inactive (if you are calling from a library and don't want to take the performance hit).

In multithreaded mode, the Idle Library calls YieldToAnyThread() to provide time to your other threads. Because it does not call WaitNextEvent() you should not call any functions which use the Idle Library from your main thread. This currently includes all Sockets and Hesiod functions.

Where is the API specification?

Please refer to the IdleLib API for a list of the available functions and how to use them.

Where do I get IdleLib?

The IdleLib SDK is part of Kerberos Support Library. You can get the latest release of the Kerberos Support Library here.

Please read the IdleLib Bugs List and Version History for information on the latest release of IdleLib.

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