Some Other Projects, Ideas, and Exercises to True

  1. WriteLab Exercises
  2. Poetry Workshop Exercises (just titles!)
  3. American Poetry for Students of English Worldwide
  4. Lisa Dusseault's page on Creative Writing Exercises
  5. Inventing and Developing Ideas
  6. Introductions
  7. Writing Exercises (Mortuary)
  8. Writing the JourneyTM
  9. Tiger Steps to Stop Smoking
  10. The AlienFlower Poetry Workshop - Online Class Exercises
  11. The Scrivenery -- look for the exercises
  12. Analyzing Prose Checklist
  13. Modernisms (Try the in-class exercise at the end!)
  14. grammar with a science fiction and fantasy slant


  1. The Collected Peelings from the Apple of My Eye

  2. Upwards and Onwards to My Writers' Bits