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The big news: we've moved to mailman, instead of listserv. So plenty of the notes and comments here are out-of-date. To join the list (or do almost anything) go to <>. And enjoy your writing.

The WRITERS list: How To Join Writers

Here there are to be found moon mists and lazy sunshine dripping down through the blinds and other mysterious afflictions of the fictional and poetic sports... Enjoy yourself, and write!


Tomorrow's News--Our Own Contests of the Future

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  1. Frequently Asked Questions
  2. The Writer's Pages
  3. Exercises
  4. The Brainstorms' Exercises
  5. The Writers' Techniques
  6. Some Pieces about Japan
  7. Some Pieces by Mike Barker

Today's Highlight--Interactive Adventures, Round Robbins, and such!

The Interactive Adventures of...WRITERS!

The Web Gets Bigger

  1. A Collection of Reviews of Books About Writing
  2. Our Own Collection of Interesting, Useful, or Otherwise Fun Url's  Call it A Writer's Virtual Library...
  3. Got something to submit? push here The Brass URL Keeper

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  2. A Collation of Writers' URLs

  3. To market, to market!
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  6. looking for FAQs?

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Yesterday's Light in the Dark--Contests Past...

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The Writer's Pages

(really outdated, but until I have time to rewrite them...)

  1. Welcome to WRITERS - Frequently Asked Questions

  2. The one page introduction to WRITERS 
  3. You are now subscribed to the WRITERS list

  4. An introduction to listserv 
  5. Command confirmation request

  6. The message about confirming your subscription 
  7. ADMIN: Checking Your Mail Options
  8. What Happens if you go over the daily limit

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