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Some old bits and pieces -- poetry, prose, and dust

  1. submission: mommy dearest
  2. submission: toe-tapping tunes
  3. submission: poem (giving it the benefit of the doubt:-)
  4. submission: an ecumenical miracle (xmas story, sort of)
  5. submission: A Resonant Silence (YAP)
  6. SUB: A Country Tale
  7. SUB: A Senatorial Nightmare
  8. SUB: A Boy Scout
  9. SUB: 2 poems
  10. SUB: Not Dead Yet (Poem)
  11. SUB: The Japanese Spirit (Draft 1)
  12. SUB: A Japanese Spirit (vers. B, rev. 1)
  13. SUB: Family Cookbook
  14. SUB: Sci Fly High
  15. SUB: Lizard Thoughts
  16. SUB: Belt and Suspenders
  17. SUB:They Don't Write 'em Like This Anymore (Thank Heavens)
  18. SUB: Death Be Not Bright
  20. SUB: Fragmentation
  21. SWB: Snarkly Veldt
  22. SUB: The Fairy and The Nymph - A Love Story
  23. SUB: Toe-Tapping Tunes
  24. SUB: A Writer's Coda, Perhaps...
  25. SUB: A Short Fly to Left Field
  26. SUB: Crossing the Delaware
  27. SUB: Such Lovely Smoke
  28. SUBtle(NOT!): nuisance dust? don't look at me...
  29. SUB: Someone's Calling
  30. SUB? A bit of color
  31. SUB: An Education on Wilshire Boulevard
  32. SUB: R.I.P. (again)
  33. SUB: Anniversary Ballgame
  34. SUB?: re: Recent poetry on the list,
  35. SUB: The Chalice
  36. SUB: Once in Every Life
  37. SUB: Mirror, Mirror, What's This List?
  38. SUB: West Meets East: Where Misunderstanding Rules
  39. SUB: 100 Words of Aluminium Warp
  40. SUB: OWC: exercises for you
  41. SUB: Post-Modern Froggy Tale
  42. SUB: Whoops!
  43. SUB: A Most Serious Poem
  44. SUB: Ghost Writers
  45. SUB: A Foundered Pot
  46. SUB: unneat post
  47. SUB: Baptism in Flames
  48. SUB: That Old Home Lasagna
  49. SUB: Circles
  50. SUB: Word Drill
  51. SUB: IPU News Report - December 1, 1993
  52. SUB: Gold Or Silver?
  53. SUB: TJ quickies!
  54. SUB: Another Epistle to the Writers
  55. SUB: A Very Short Unstory
  56. SUB: Broken Words
  57. SUB: Footprints of Clay
  58. SUB: An Answer
  59. SUB: Twisted Write Off! (EMBARRASSING!)
  60. SUB: was it good for you?
  61. SUB: The Uninhibited Writer's Guide to Safe Intercourse
  62. SUB: A Story of The Puppy in The Alley
  63. SUB: Nipper
  64. SUB: Now Hiring
  65. SUB: Not A Story
  66. SUB: Come On, Guys
  67. SUB: A Hike
  68. SUB: T.V. Blues (may be depressing)
  69. SUB: The rejected lady...
  70. SUB: That Paragraph Exercise
  71. SUB: March 15th - A Japanese Train Ride
  72. SUB: A PROSE
  73. SUB: Public Works
  74. SUB: A Taste of Cherryblossoms
  75. SUB: Morning Java
  76. SUB: Not Just Another Roadkill
  77. SUB: Writing's Epitaph
  78. SUB: Gameplayers' Review: Don't Miss This One
  79. SUB: The Anecdote Punchline Game
  80. SUB: The Anecdote Punchline Game (The Elf)
  81. SUB: That Wonderful Day
  82. SUB: Critters of the Down Under
  83. SUB: The Long and Winding Road
  84. SUB: Governor's School For Humanities
  85. SUB: How Long...
  86. SUB: The Customer Is Always Right!
  87. SUB: Blackboard Jungle
  88. SUB: The Uniform Society
  89. SUB: On The Spur of the Moment (UNGRAPHIC)
  90. SUB: Write Start
  91. SUB: Polishing Off
  92. SUB: Summer Thoughts
  93. SUB: The Hike (100 words)
  94. SUB: A Muse Speaks
  95. SUB: The Hike (100 words-rev.2)
  96. SUB: Something A Little More Meaty
  97. SUB: Dark and Light
  98. SUB: Behind You
  99. SUB: nice gynes
  100. SUB: Burying the Beast
  101. SUB: A Fall Morning
  102. SUB: What is Truth?
  103. SUB: Wendy? You called?
  104. SUB: Electric Light Rendition
  105. SUB: A Van Gogh Sky
  106. SUB: Deafened by the Distant Fire of Canons
  107. SUB: (nonfiction) The Web (or why spiders don't fall down...)
  108. SUB: Flying with Friends
  109. SUB: Valentine's Poem?
  110. SUB: A Little Snowfall (Feb. 21st, 1995)
  111. SUB: Classic Tension (peom)
  112. Subject: FILLER: Cognitive Distortions
  113. SUB: Straw Men
  114. SUB: a wild kitchen
  115. SUB, POETRY: Breathstrokes
  116. FILLER: Practice Makes Prolific
  117. SUB, ESSAY: The Mission
  118. SUB, POEM: Rutabaga Dreaming (rather silly)
  119. FILLER: nyet poesy
  120. SUB: The Elusive Scent (a prose)
  121. SUB, POTTERY: sacre!ligious incre!dible
  122. SUB, POOR POETRY: Demeaning A Wild Verb
  123. SUB: A Bit of Broken Verse
  124. SUB: They believe...
  125. SUB: Where Do Birds Sleep?
  126. SUB: Who Will Break The Cycle?
  127. SUB, ESSAY: The Writer, The Writing
  128. SUB, POEM: A Response To Stimuli
  129. SUB: 'Studs on the Internet'
  130. SUB: Re: A Death in the WRITERS Family