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  1. EXERCISE: A Line In Deed (was: Re: FILL: A Poll For Us)
  2. EXERCISE: The Truth... (was: Re: filler: very
  3. EXERCISE: from Fling Magazine... (Sexual Content)
  4. EXERCISE: some characters...
  5. EXERCISE: three paragraphs forward!
  6. EXERCISE: Music Whore (was: F: Primal Scream)
  7. EXERCISE: Wahoo! (was: Fill: Wahoo!)
  8. EXERCISE: Cream Corn (was FILL:)
  9. EXERCISE: Was it a dream?
  10. EXERCISE: Home for the Holidays?
  11. EXERCISE: The Surrealist Compliment Generator
  12. EXERCISE: I'm still here, people...
  13. EXERCISE: To Trip the Dark Fantasy? (was: Re: [WRITERS]
  14. EXERCISE: What Bites Through Yonder TV Set? (was: Re:
  15. EXER: slightly twisted aphorisms...
  16. EXERCISE: Interruptus? (was: Re: [WRITERS] FILL: Family
  17. EXERCISE: Write that Chapter! (was: Re: [WRITERS] TECH:
  18. EXER: Fleeing the Truth (was: Re: FILL: words from
  19. EXERCISE: A beginning in nonsense...
  20. EXERCISE: The Hero's Journey (part 2)
  21. EXERCISE: Scheduling a 3,000 word story?
  22. EXERCISE: A Title from Re: FILL: Grizzlies Dial Valvoline ?
  23. EXERCISE: When do you shiver? (three more days?)
  24. EXERCISE: The House On the Hill?ÿ (only four more days?)
  25. EXERCISE: Six More Days...
  26. WOW: Seven More Days?
  27. EXERCISE: alien writing?ÿ (Was: Re: TECH: Hack Writing)
  28. EXERCISE: get on your starting line...
  29. EXERCISE: The Hero's Journey (part 1)
  30. EXERCISE: what did you...
  31. EXER: And There She WAS! (was: Re: Fill: Uses of Duck
  32. EXER: Demon Writers? (was: Re: Sub: Fantasy Novel
  33. EXERCISE: and then... we'll vote
  34. EXERCISE: tell me about yourself...
  35. EXER: Who is that?
  36. EXERCISE: The Hunt (was: FILLER: opinions needed)
  37. EXERCISE: Challenge on Tuvian Poetry Forms (was:
  38. EXERCISE: A Place in Your Heart
  39. EXERCISE: a conceit...
  40. EXERCISE: A Passion for Narrative (part three)
  41. EXERCISE: on your mark
  42. EXERCISE: shards, splinters, sheets...
  43. EXERCISE: Rest In Peace... but not yet?
  44. EXERCISE: Is the Glass Half...
  45. EXERCISE: a first line in need
  46. EXERCISE: a title challenge
  47. EXERCISE: A Passion For Narrative (part 2)
  48. EXERCISE: The Ending is...Unlisted Sergeants (complete)
  49. EXERCISE: A Passion For Narrative (part 1)
  50. EXERCISE: The Ending Is...neither do I (complete)
  51. EXERCISE: Title Challenge: Your Memories Consume This Day
  52. EXERCISE: The Ending Is...neither do I
  53. EXERCISE: The Ending Is...(3)
  54. EXERCISE: And then there was...
  55. EXERCISE: The Ending is... (2)
  56. EXERCISE: The ending is...
  57. EXERCISE: Finishing Up: 20 Master Plots
  58. EXERCISE: Plot #19+#20: Ascension & Descension: 20 Master Plots
  59. EXERCISE: Plot #18: Wretched Excess: 20 Master Plots
  60. EXERCISE: VDC: Only 3 More Days?
  61. EXERCISE: Topical Explorations...
  62. EXERCISE: Plot #17: Discovery: 20 Master Plots
  63. EXERCISE: The Baby Blues...
  64. EXERCISE: Tell Me The Story!
  65. EXERCISE: Plot #16: Sacrifice: 20 Master Plots
  66. EXERCISE: So What was 1997 to You? (was: Re: FILL:One
  67. EXERCISE: Do I really believe that?
  68. Re: EXERCISE: Do I really believe that?
  69. EXERCISE: Three Wishes?
  70. EXERCISE: Jester's Dress?
  71. EXERCISE: Some Writeous Words...
  72. EXERCISE: Plot #15: Forbidden Love: 20 Master Plots
  73. EXERCISE: On Your Tropes and Schemes!
  74. EXERCISE: What's That Euphemism (Was: Re: Epiphany)
  75. EXERCISE: And when the play was over...
  76. EXERCISE: What if... (was: Re: sub: poem: Assisted Living)
  77. EXERCISE: TipToe In the Tidepools With Me?
  78. EXERCISE: Title Challenge! one blossom from Pat Fish
  79. EXERCISE: The right wardrobe...
  80. EXERCISE: Five (or more?) Senses to Play With...
  81. EXERCISE: Plot #14: Love: 20 Master Plots
  82. EXERCISE: A Quirky!
  83. EXERCISE: The Moms' Club
  84. EXERCISE: The Meanest Girl (was: Re: Crits: Cybele10, Prauphet)
  85. EXERCISE: Plot #13: Maturation: 20 Master Plots
  86. EXERCISE: Fear and Trembling...
  87. EXERCISE: Highlander (SPOILED?)
  88. EXERCISE: Plot #12: Transformation: 20 Master Plots
  89. EXERCISE: Awash in a sea of uncertainty and self-doubt....
  90. EXERCISE: Ode to SPAM? (was: Re: SUB: ha ha haachoo i mean haiku)
  91. EXERCISE: Values (Justice and Mercy) #12
  92. EXERCISE: abstinence makes the heart grow fonder . . .
  93. EXERCISE: Just phor phun
  94. EXERCISE: Plot #11: Metamorphosis: 20 Master Plots
  95. EXERCISE: What is Literature?
  96. EXERCISE: Values (Kindliness and Friendliness) #11
  97. EXERCISE: a poem...(was: Re: WOW: using the language actively)
  98. EXERCISE: Plot #10: Temptation: 20 Master Plots
  99. EXerCISE: Here, Play with These (was: Re: FILL: The Truth Behind the Incivil War...)
  100. EXERCISE: Quoth the Random Evermore...
  101. EXERCISE: He's So Cute! (was: Re: EXER: Calling All Cat Lovers!)
  102. EXERCISE: Show, Don't Tell...
  103. EXERCISE: Values (Unselfishness and Sensitivity) #10
  104. EXERCISE: Don't Stop Now
  105. EXERCISE: Honete! (was: Re: Filler: Friday Musings and honesty on the 'Net)
  106. EXERCISE: Plot #9: Underdog: 20 Master Plots
  107. EXERCISE: Values (Love) #9
  108. EXERCISE: The Sword and The Sourdough
  109. EXERCISE: Plot #8: Rivalry: 20 Master Plots
  110. EXERCISE: Book Reviews, Summaries, and Notes?
  111. EXERCISE: Burke Bits (3)
  112. EXERCISE: Values (Respect) #8
  113. EXERCISE: Plot #7: The Riddle: 20 Master Plots
  114. EXERCISE: Title Challenges!
  115. EXERCISE: Values (Loyalty and Dependability) #7
  116. EXERCISE: Mythological Extension
  117. EXERCISE: A Quirky!
  118. EXERCISE: A Quick One
  119. EXERCISE: Plot #6: Revenge: 20 Master Plots
  120. EXERCISE: Values (Fidelity and Chastity) #6
  121. EXERCISE: Plot #5: Escape: 20 Master Plots
  122. EXERCISE: Values (Self-Discipline and Moderation) #5
  123. EXERCISE: Plot #4: Rescue: 20 Master Plots
  124. EXERCISE: Values (Self-Reliance and Potential) #4
  125. EXERCISE: Plot #3: Pursuit: 20 Master Plots
  126. EXERCISE: Values (Peaceability) #3
  127. EXERCISE: Plot #2: Adventure: 20 Master Plots
  128. EXERCISE: Values (Courage) #2
  129. EXERCISE: Plot #1: Quest: 20 Master Plots
  130. EXERCISE: Values (Honesty) #1
  131. EXERCISE: 20 Master Plots -- Part 1!
  132. EXERCISE: The Power of Words
  133. EXERCISE: Glimpses in A Patchwork
  134. EXERCISE: It's A Wonderful Life!
  135. EXERCISE: CHALLENGE: A Title from Ode to certain pieces...
  136. EXERCISE: I Forgot The Ashes
  137. EXERCISE: Elves and Ghosts and Others...
  138. EXERCISE: What Do You Say?
  139. EXERCISE: Can You Read This?
  140. EXERCISE: CHALLENGE? A Quick One...
  141. EXERCISE: The most amazing things...
  142. EXERCISE: Re: Hmm, Not Bad.
  143. EXERCISE: Smoothing Out Joints
  144. EXERCISE: Some Titulation, Please?
  145. EXERCISE: Once In Every Childhood...
  146. EXERCISE: To Dream, Aye, There's The Rub...
  147. EXERCISE: Don't Open The Door!
  148. EXERCISE: Fearfully...
  149. EXERCISE: Is That A Monster in Your Pocket?
  150. EXERCISE: A Southern Cross?
  151. EXERCISE: A Basket of Joy?
  152. EXERCISE: The Personals
  153. EXERCISE: Sensual Experiments
  154. EXERCISE: A Self Portrait
  155. EXERCISE: Tell Me About...
  156. EXERCISE: Another Friday Past...
  157. EXERCISE: Where did the time go?
  158. EXERCISE: A razor, a cross, and YOU?
  159. EXERCISE: Colors, smells, and thou...
  160. EXERCISE: Here we go . . .
  161. EXERCISE: What killed the cat?
  162. EXERCISE: Teaching Writing (Part 3?)
  163. EXERCISE: Teaching Writing (Part 1)
  164. EXERCISE: What's A Prickly Pear?
  165. EXERCISE: Do A Little Dance...
  166. EXERCISE: And When They Gaid All Night...
  167. EXERCISE: T.J.'s Panties?
  168. EXERCISE: Rainbow Words Around The Edges
  169. EXERCISE: Out Of Order
  170. EXERCISE: In The Way
  171. EXERCISE: Right in the Palm of My Hand
  172. EXERCISE: The Proverbial Truth?
  173. EXERCISE: Take Stock of Your Self
  174. EXERCISE: Don't Look Now
  175. EXERCISE: Getting To A Climax
  176. EXERCISE: A Quick One or Two
  177. EXERCISE: Color In The Background
  178. EXERCISE: Pick a Story...
  179. EXERCISE: Twisting Plots
  180. EXERCISE: A Romantic Bone
  181. EXERCISE: Three pals, no room...
  182. EXERCISE: A Few Words
  183. EXERCISE: Pick a Story...
  184. EXERCISE: The coda
  185. EXERCISE: help on lake scene
  186. EXERCISE: Follow the yellow sunshine...
  187. EXERCISE: Christmas Bells
  188. EXERCISE: a few words...
  189. EXERCISE: Scenic Splendor
  190. EXERCISE: Skinning The Cat?
  191. EXERCISE: I'm Late, I'm Late...
  192. EXERCISE: Flashbacks!
  193. EXERCISE: Over the Bridge...
  194. EXERCISE: From Here To There...
  195. EXERCISE: Whirrrrrrrrrr...
  196. EXERCISE: Quiver and Quake
  197. EXERCISE: It
  198. EXERCISE: Double Trouble!
  199. EXERCISE: One More Line!
  200. EXERCISE: Another One Sentence Blunder!
  201. EXERCISE: Three Words?
  202. EXERCISE: Ancient, It Waits...
  203. EXERCISE: The Action of a Sentence
  204. EXERCISE: Ah, yes, let's see...
  205. EXERCISE: "One, seven, three..."
  206. EXERCISE: Turn, Turn, Turn...
  207. EXERCISE: I Never Expected That!
  208. EXERCISE: One Sentence
  209. EXERCISE: You Got What Where? How?
  210. EXERCISE: A red and yellow basket
  211. EXERCISE: And They Lived Happily Ever After
  212. EXERCISE: Opening the Door
  213. EXERCISE: Ha! Altars?
  214. EXERCISE: Foolish Narratives
  215. EXERCISE: Myths the Word
  216. EXERCISE: emotional twists...
  217. EXERCISE: Eggtimers?
  218. EXERCISE: Another Fine Mess...
  219. EXERCISE: Can you paint with...
  220. EXERCISE: Mix it up!
  221. EXERCISE: Selected Scenes...
  222. EXERCISE: That Old Box...
  223. EXERCISE: Pumping Games! Building Blocks!
  224. EXERCISE: Just By Chance!
  225. EXERCISE: Who Chopped What Where?
  226. EXERCISE: The Day of Mortality
  227. EXERCISE: Looks aren't everything?
  228. EXERCISE: The Wizard is OUT?
  229. TECH: A collection of exercises
  230. TECH: A Verbal Tactic
  231. EXERCISE: Thanksgiving Vapors
  232. EXER: Write about...(1)
  233. EXERCISE: Recycle History?
  234. EXERCISE: puerile hubris, indeed!
  235. EXER: Write about...(2)
  236. EXER: Write about...(3)
  237. EXERCISE: Beginning and Ending
  238. EXERCISE: Little Stuff...
  239. EXERCISE: Who is that masked man?
  240. EXERCISE: Raindrops...
  241. EXERCISE: Use With Care
  242. EXER: Write about...(4)
  243. EXERCISE: Caught in a Cleft Stick
  244. EXERCISE: For Women Only
  245. EXERCISE: Don't Look! Don't...
  246. EXERCISE: Egads, Sherlock, That's Amusing...
  247. EXERCISE: Show, Don't Tell
  248. EXERCISE: Five verbs
  249. EXERCISE: The cat on the hearth...
  250. EXERCISE: The Journey
  251. EXERCISE: Mystery
  252. EXERCISE: Jokes as Plot Seeds
  253. EXERCISE: Sadistic Writing (Putting Stakes in Your Writing)
  254. EXERCISE: And the SOB was a...
  255. EXERCISE: Crisis!
  256. EXERCISE: Lists, lists, and more lists
  257. EXERCISE: Not Anthropomorphizing... Objectivizing?
  258. EXERCISE: The Other Side
  259. EXERCISE: Roll-Your-Own? (The Meta-Exercise?)
  260. EXERCISE: The Crucible
  261. EXERCISE: Now You See It...
  262. EXERCISE: Cracked Quotes...
  263. EXERCISE: Titles from the Chinese
  264. EXERCISE: Values, Personified.
  265. EXERCISE: Basic Needs...
  266. EXERCISE: Basic Needs...Lost!
  267. EXERCISE: Basic Needs...Over there!
  268. EXERCISE: When they get to the part...
  269. EXERCISE: On The Road
  270. EXERCISE: Changing Directions...
  271. EXERCISE: Major Art Attack!!!
  272. EXERCISE: Hansel and Gretel
  273. EXERCISE: Let Your Ideas Flow...
  274. EXERCISE: Slow It Down...
  275. EXERCISE: Beat it!
  276. EXERCISE: Dialogue 101
  277. EXERCISE: Shut Up and Dance!
  278. EXERCISE: Better Late Than...
  279. EXERCISE: Write, one, two, three, Write...
  280. EXERCISE: A Deal with the Devil...
  281. CHALLENGE: Put A Metaphor in the Blender!
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