Frequently Asked Questions

  1. The Weekly FAQ Reminder

  2. A short summary of important information (we hope!)
  3. The Weekly FAQ Reminder (Webbified)

  4. Aren't There Some Other Writers' Lists?

  5. First Nut, 1996!

  6. Frequently Asked Questions from the Writers' List
    (SOME INFO MAY BE OUT OF DATE--SEE The Weekly FAQ for up-to-date help)
  7. An Introduction to TOPIC tags

  8. An Introduction to TOPIC tags (2)

  9. Some hints about using the Subject Line for postings
  10. A Collection of Agent Pointers (30 Dec 1996)

  11. a group of web links to Agent info
  12. FAQ: A Preliminary List of Sparks and Irritants

  13. A FAQ about flames and other irritations on the Writers' List
  14. FAQ: Draft Harassment Policy for WRITERS (5/30/1997)

  15. A FAQ about unacceptable behavior on the list
  16. FAQ: SUB guidelines (Webbified)

  17. FAQ: SUB guidelines (DRAFT!)

  18. A FAQ about how to submit to the writers' list
  19. FAQ: CRIT guidelines (Webbified)

  20. FAQ: CRIT guidelines (DRAFT!)

  21. A FAQ about how to critique
  22. FAQ: Tink's Primer on Copyright

  23. A FAQ about Copyright (13 Oct 1993)
  24. Copyright: Frequently Asked Questions

  25. An MIT FAQ on Copyright Issues
  26. 10 big myths about copyright

  27. Another guide to copyright questions

  29. A COllection of Articles about Legalities
  30. FAQ: Writers Compendia (Rel. 4)

  31. A FAQ about Lots of Stuff (21 Aug 1993)
  32. 1300 Books (Jan. 6, 1998)

  33. Val's List of More Books!

  34. 1000 Books

  35. Val's List of 1000 books

    "Yes, you can use this on a home page as long as you also indicate that it exists on the filelists of CREWRT-L at and Val-L at, and that it is only *my* picks, and not all-encompassing. Val"
  36. FAQ: Alt.Atheism FAQ: Constructing a Logical Argument (FWD)

  37. some helpful notes on how to be logical
  38. FAQ: Assorted Rules! (was: Re: Practice Safe Postings)

  39. a quirky set of writers' rules...
  40. FAQ: Legalities of Obscenity and Similar Topics

  41. A Draft Collection of information about this. Out of Date since passage of the CDA (Feb. 4, 1996).
  42. Some Other Lists, Web Links, and Such

  43. random urls and stuff
  44. Three words...ending in gry?

Ye old FAQ stories

(note: "where's the beef?" must be answered by reading a later faq, someone cut the middle out of these for space...)
  1. FAQ: Somewhere Near The Dudley Do Write Inn, (rev. 8)

  2. ALL, FAQ: The Spirit Guide To Misdirection

  3. ALL, FAQ: Firewords and Revolutions

  4. FAQ, ALL: Lures and Other Attractions...

  5. First Nut, 1995!

  6. The Weekly FAQ Reminder

  7. The Weekly FAQ Reminder

  8. FAQ: Welcome to Writers (bit longer, this time:-)

  9. FAQ: Welcome to Writers (rev. 5)

  10. FAQ: Golden Eggs of Cyberspace

  11. FAQ: Shock Treatment

  12. FAQ: The Joy of Fishing

  13. FAQ: First Lines

  14. FAQ: Somewhere Near The Dudley Do Write Inn (rev. 6)

  15. FAQ: Unmasked on Blacklight Stage

  16. FAQ: 'Twas the Night Before... (Silent Night? NOT!)

  17. FAQ: A Living Tree

  18. FAQ: The Writer's Secret

  19. FAQ: The Wheel of Writers

  20. FAQ: Up, up, and Away!

  21. FAQ: Somewhere Near The Dudley Do Write Inn (rev. 7)

  22. FAQ: Writhing in the Mists: A Diffident Hello (v.1)

  23. FAQ: Pedal Down on the Infohighway

  24. FAQ: Glimpses of A Writing Convention

  25. FAQ: A Sandcastle for 400 or so

  26. FAQ: Up, up, and Away!

  27. FAQ: Unmasked on Blacklight Stage (repeat!)

  28. FAQ: Somewhere Near The Dudley Do Write Inn, (rev. 7)

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