Monica's Erotica Contest

(last updated: Feb. 21, 1999)

The Rules for the Moaning and Groaning: All: Monica's Erotica Contest
The Graveyard Vote and other Frolics: Monica's Erotica Contest: the Vote

Der Voting Rules:

Vote for either The Newlyweds or Love Stains.
Tell us what the sex of the authors is...and why.
Tell us whether you would like to see another erotica contest on Writers, and would you participate?
Send votes to and AngusAgnes@AOL.COM
Voting deadline is midnight next Monday, Feb. 22.

Prizes?  An original charcoal figure drawing.

Want to send mail to Merideth?  Click here.

The Story of the Awards!

  1. INT: The Sweetheart Ball
  2. INT: The Sweetheart Ball
  3. INT: The Sweetheart Ball
  4. INT: The Sweethard Ball
  5. INT: The Sweetheart Ball
  6. INT: The Sweetheart Ball
  7. INT: The Sweetheart Ball

Stories?  Try these!

  1. SUB: The Newlyweds
  2. SUB: Love Stains

Some Viagra for the Imagination?

  1. EXERCISE: three paragraphs forward!
  2. EXERCISE: some characters...
  3. EXERCISE: from Fling Magazine... (Sexual Content)
  4. WOW: Boners & Blunders Anthology (March 31) [SEXUAL CONTENT!]
  5. TECH: Selling Contest Entries...

Short Rules For Entries (now done!):

Entries:  New writing. Erotica.  Must reference Monica Lewinsky in some way (stained dresses, cigars, your choice...).
How Far Do I Go?: Explicit sexual content required.  No non-consensual sex, no kiddie sex.
Do: have a plot, character development, motivation, etc.
Limits: one entry per author
Posting method: send your entries to "Merideth Johnston" <merideth@SKY.NET>.  She will repost to the list, and tink will put a copy on the web.  Use the subject line:

     Subject: SUB: your title ****Monica's Erotica Contest Entry****

Closing date for last submissions: Midnight, February 14th, 1999

Reading and Voting: February 15 to February 28

To learn more about writers, please click here.  To contact tink, click here.