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The Writers' Techniques

  1. Poetry
  2. The Writing Arena
  3. Writer's Block
  4. Writing Fiction
  5. Critiquing
  6. Writing Books
  7. Writing Market
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  9. The Fuller Brush Salesman's Repertoire
  10. The Fuller Brush Salesman's Repertoire, Part 2
  11. The Fuller Brush Salesman's Repertoire, Part 3
  • TECH: Mark Twain's Rules for Writing
  • TECH: William Safire's Rules for Writers
  • Poetry
    1. TECH: One way to sing the tribal lay
    2. me talking about how I do poetry...
    3. TECH: What's Poetry?
    4. Re: TECH: Poetry and Lyrics (Battling Badjokes!)
    5. mumble, mumble...
    6. TECH: Skinning Delectable Momkat Scanning?
    7. some words on rhythm
    The Writing Arena
    1. TECH: WD comments on FNASR
    2. does electronic publication hurt FNASR?
    3. TECH: Markets and Competing
    4. a pep talk on "competing" in the writing arena
    5. TECH: Hah!
    6. Thom Jones meets the markets...
    7. TECH: Sharewrite - A dream?
    8. Re: TECH: Sharewrite - A dream?
    9. TECH: electronic publishing
    10. TECH: Self Publish CDROMs?
    11. TECH: Another epublishing scheme
    12. electronic self-publishing...some daydreaming
    13. TECH: Writing Belongs to...
    14. TECH: Does the Reader know the Writer? (was: anne frank)
    15. TECH: Meditating on Writers and their Context
    16. writers and readers
    17. TECH: Why Write? A Quote
    18. TECH: Serious Work? A Quote
    19. quoth the writer...
    20. TECH: A Writer's Guide to Watching the Tube
    21. Tellie for the writer?
    Writer's Block
    1. TECH: Writer's Block Book
    2. An excellent book!
    3. TECH: writers block
    4. TECH: Lost Creativity
    5. me yapping...
    6. TECH: Leading Yourself to Write
    7. TECH: Motivation...
    8. TECH: More Motivation...
    9. yappity-yap...
    10. Re: Blocked!
    Writing Fiction
    1. TECH: a pre-writing checklist
    2. TECH: Macro-Level Plotting
    3. TECH: Scene and Structure Book Summary
    4. TECH: Plotting Problems?
    5. some notes on plotting
    6. TECH: To End or Not (was other names)
    7. delving into the "write-your-own" ending fuss
    8. TECH: Writing Well
    9. TECH: Writing Well
    10. Seven points of writing well
    11. TECH: The Third Bar Rule
    12. one way of reducing the impact of coincidence
    13. TECH: Well-Worn SF Ideas
    14. TECH: favorite sf bloopers
    15. You may want to avoid these
    16. TECH: What's a stereotype?
    17. TECH: Stereotypes Again? (was lots of things about Gen-X)
    18. some thoughts on stereotypes
    19. TECH: tit for tat
    20. an exercise about pictures
    21. TECH: Bradbury's Approach to Writing (was: Re: EXERCISE: Weather
    22. why practice?
    23. TECH: On Critiquing - Twice-Told Tales Again Again? (Michael O...)
    24. reusing stories
    25. TECH: ART ART ART. lets talk about ART
    26. TECH: A possible definition of art and technique
    27. TECH: Another Slice at Art
    28. what does art have to do with it?
    29. TECH: re: CAPS' POV question
    30. Writing what you know and POV
    31. Re: TECH: Fictions Future (Janes query)
    32. a short epigram about concise writing
    33. TECH: Filler Short Attention Span
    34. writing with a short attention span
    35. TECH: A Worksheet for "developing" a character
    36. TECH: Characterization Problems?
    37. TECH: Did someone ask about old?
    38. Does s/he or doesn't s/he?
    39. TECH: Cardboard Baddies
    40. avoid stereotyped villians
    41. TECH: Plotting Quote
    42. plots, plots, and more plots
    43. TECH: Story Types
    44. Story structure
    45. TECH: Twisty Endings (was CRIT: final destination)
    46. puzzles, twists, and ending the story
    47. TECH: Grinding Ideas (was: Tink! You out there?)
    48. building personal metaphors
    49. TECH: Six Principles to Write By?
    50. a different list of important principles
    51. TECH: Types of Labels
    52. how we use categorizations
    53. TECH: Anti-plots
    54. The 36 Plots--in reverse
    55. TECH: Psychological Depth in Stories (was: What is a story?)
    56. people who need people...
    57. TECH: Let's Try Basics 101 Again!
    58. what are the "basic skills" of the writer?
    59. TECH: A List of Dilemmas
    60. seven cultural problem areas
    61. TECH: Some Style Problems
    62. style checklist
    63. TECH: Help with writing mystery
    64. some notions about writing mysteries
    65. TECH: Yet Another Writing Structure (YAWS!)
    66. TECH: Show a little life...
    67. Show, don't tell...
    1. TECH: How do you critique?
    2. one method of critiquing
    3. TECH: An Editing Trick
    4. editing by reading aloud
    5. TECH: How to write wel, critique god, and revise bettor
    6. TECH: Some Guidelines For Critiquing
    7. TECH: Critiques (esp. of poetry)
    8. TECH: Help with Critiquing
    9. TECH: The Earthquake Test
    10. more notes on critiquing
    11. TECH: Re: critiquing
    12. a flame about critiquing
    13. PROPOSAL: A Masterful Way With Critiques
    14. one way of organizing critiquing...
    Writing Books
    1. Release That Writer's Muse - Book Reference
    2. TECH: Writer's Block Book
    3. An excellent book!
    4. TECH: Scene and Structure Book Summary
    5. TECH: The Write Stuff Catalog
    6. a catalog
    7. TECH: The 36 Dramatic Situations (Book Notes)
    8. Georges Polti
    9. TECH: Book Notes: Self-Editing for Fiction Writers
    10. TECH: Book Notes: Self-Editing for Fiction Writers
    11. the second one outlines it.
    12. TECH: BOOK: How To Write A Romance And Get It Published
    13. TECH: Future Building Article
    14. TECH: BOOK: Steal This Plot
    15. TECH: 20 Master Plots (Book Notes)
    16. BOOK SUMMARY: Genderspeak (1)
    17. Thirteen Ways to Stifle Intimate Conversation
    18. Guidelines to Prevent Sexual Harassment Problems
    19. The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense: An Overview
    20. genderspeak and verbal self-defense book notes...
    Writing Market
    1. TOR Submission Guidelines
    2. Del Rey Submission Guidelines
    3. TECH: Some Marketing Sources
    4. some ideas about where to find out about markets
    5. TECH: Bunch of Market Addresses
    6. a list of markets
    7. TECH: Markets and such
    8. some considerations on waiting for rejections
    9. TECH: Contact For Trek Scripts
    10. TECH: From Edupage - on-line submission list
    11. TECH: My SF Marketing Lists...
    Uncategorized so far
    1. TECH: Poetry or Prose
    2. TECH: Are Fiction and Non-Fiction Different?
    3. TECH: More Fiction than Fact
    4. TECH: What's an SF?
    5. TECH: Literary Fiction v. Popular Fiction
    6. Re: TECH: Sci-fi? Or Phantasie?
    7. wherein lie the difference(s)?
    8. Re: TECH: participial phrase question
    9. a bit of grammar, a bit of rewriting
    10. TECH: SF Writers, Take Note. What does "spacing" do?
    11. Re: TECH: SF Writers, Take Note. What does "spacing" do?
    12. facts in science fiction?
    13. TECH: Making the Most of Posting
    14. odd thoughts about good email...
    15. TECH: Law of Privacy
    16. very out-of-date notes on privacy
    17. To write, perchance to dream...
    18. To write, perchance to dream...
    19. neat quotes from John Gardner
    20. In Praise of Having Opinions
    21. why opinions are good
    22. Why This Fury...?
    23. QOTD: Chances of Selling
    24. stems... (blue-collar flaming)
    25. METACRIT: It's been done before
    26. My Wish List
    27. things I wish the list would do...
    28. ESSAY: Battling Ideas Don't Grow
    29. Unseen characters?
    30. ESSAY: Nov. 12, 1993 a rambling tink
    31. BACKGROUND: Zombies
    32. PERSONAL STAND: Please Comment (was: Subject: SUB: Waiting)
    33. WONDER: "Get A Life!"
    34. QOTD: Giving help...
    35. QOTD: The Play of Art
    36. FILLER: Freelance work suggestions
    37. ESSAY: It Takes Two to Tangle
    38. BACKGROUND: Personality Types (MBTI)
    39. SERMON: Income from 'writing' ???
    40. ESSAY? Notes on Flame Bores...
    41. FILLER: CONAN FORMATION (was: And now for something completely
    42. ESSAY? Stone Cold Sober
    43. ESSAY: The Anti's
    44. PONDER: The Real World of Fiction
    45. WOTD: A Slippery Word of the Day
    46. WOTD: focus
    47. Writer's Laws, Section XII, amendation 109...
    48. WOTD: masturbate
    49. WOTD: etalk? echat? try netting!
    51. WOTD: Curmudgeon (was: Re: Poll)
    52. WOTD: perserverence (sp?) (was:Re: Assistance)
    53. FILLER: Cognitive Distortions
    54. TECH: That old time free verse
    56. CHALLENGE: The Kaffuffle Creator
    1. Re: TECH: Fictional Places
    2. Re: TECH: Fictional Places
    3. TECH: Constructs of Meaning
    4. Re: TECH: E-zines
    5. TECH: CK expanded (was: let's kick the doc...)
    6. TECH: Watch Out for the Drama Triangle
    7. Re: CRIT, TECH:GiW (Gone in Winter)
    8. Re: TECH:copyright
    9. TECH: Burke Bits (1)
    10. TECH: The Writer's Journey by Christopher Vogler (Book Review)
    11. TECH: Libel or Not, Here I Wrote!
    12. TECH: Hard Question
    13. Re: TECH: Class preparation, etc.
    14. TECH: The Short Guide to Topic Tags
    15. TECH: Getting Started on Your 200 Word Wonder
    16. TECH: Using (and abusing) Email List Communications
    17. TECH: Mainstream Genre?
    18. TECH: C.J. Cherryh on Characters
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